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Shallow Well Pumps That Are Affordable and Efficient

By admin August 3, 2021

Water sources such as shallow wells help in fulfilling the water requirement of many domestic establishments. People usually depend on water pumps for drawing water from these sources. However, shallow water bodies require specific pump configurations for optimal operations. A convertible jet pump is useful in this situation. Recent models from Gould convertible jet pumps and Little Giant convertible jet pumps offer a cost-efficient solution for pumping from shallow wells. In this blog, read about their features in detail.

Convertible Jet Pumps

Most establishments depend on wells for drawing water for various purposes. A convertible jet pump can pull water from a variety of sources, including wells, streams, and lakes. These pumps can pull water from sources that are even 70 ft (ca. 21 m) deep. However, they are ‘convertible’ with an ability to act as a shallow well pump also. In such cases, connecting a suction tube equips them for shallow depths. This enables them to pull water from sources up to depths of 25 ft (ca. 8 m).

The convertible jet well pumps are very versatile, making them a preferred choice for numerous consumers. Similarly, they require less maintenance and are durable. Goulds convertible jet pumps and Little Giant convertible jet pumps are the best choices for domestic requirements. Let us explore the unique features of these models in detail.

Choosing Affordable and Efficient Jet Pumps

Good quality convertible jet pumps are a boon for domestic consumers. However, finding a high-performance pump at an affordable rate is always a challenge. With increasing market competition, many companies are offering pump products at cheaper rates. But, before buying such products, ensure that there is no compromise on quality. Goulds convertible jet pumps and Little Giant convertible jet pumps offer this unique combination of quality products at affordable rates. Check out more about their models below.

  1. Goulds Water Technology

Goulds water technology is a leading pump brand from Xylem technologies. The company is a pioneer in providing innovative water pumping solutions. A strong focus on technological innovation makes it a preferred brand for consumers across the globe.

Goulds Convertible Jet Pumps

The HSJ series of convertible jet pumps from Goulds are capable of delivering excellent performance. With appropriate fittings, it is suitable for shallow wells.

  • Goulds HSJ07N

The HSJ07N model from Goulds is a multi-stage convertible jet pump. It is suitable for lifting water from shallow wells in domestic applications. The pump features stainless steel shafts and thermoplastic impellers for long life. A 3/4 HP single-phase motor powers the pump. It is capable of delivering a speed of 3500 RPM. This two-stage jet pump provides a maximum flow rate of 18.5 GPM. It features a 1” NPT discharge connection. The HSJ07N can handle temperatures up to 140 °F.

  • Goulds HSJ20N

The Goulds HSJ20N is a convertible jet pump model suitable for shallow wells. With a gamut of innovative features, the pump is designed for continuous operation. It features a stainless steel shaft providing durability. The glass-filled thermoplastic impeller is resistant to corrosion. It comes with a 2 HP single-phase motor operating at 230 V. This three-stage pump delivers a maximum flow rate of 28.2 GPM. During operations, it can handle a maximum temperature of 140 °F.

Little Giant Pumps

The brand Little Giant from Franklin Electric is a provider of reliable water management solutions. With a range of innovative products, the company is a leader in pump products for domestic and commercial use.

Little Giant Convertible Jet Pumps

The JPC range of convertible jet pumps from Little Giant offers high performance consistently. These pumps are suitable for pumping water from shallow wells in farms and households.

  • Little Giant 558281

The Little Giant 558281 is a convertible jet pump model packed with numerous features. It has a unique square D pressure switch with a preset pressure level. With a cast iron casing and seal plates, the pump has a long life. It features a 1/2 HP single-phase motor. The pump model comes with a pressure gauge and brass flow control valve. The 558281 model features 1-1/4" suction and a 1" NPT discharge connection.

  • Little Giant 558283

The Little Giant 558283 convertible jet pump support pumping freshwater from shallow wells for domestic use. The cast iron casing protects the pump from corrosion. The thermoplastic impeller, nozzle, and diffuser are designed for peak performance during continuous operation. It features a 1 HP single-phase motor. This convertible jet pump comes with a Square D pressure switch. It provides a maximum flow rate of 20.2 GPM at 5 ft (1.52 m) head height. The pump includes a pressure gauge for easy monitoring.

At, a team of expert engineers and executives assist in selecting the appropriate pump model. The website is the ultimate source for detailed information regarding pumps from leading brands. For buying Goulds convertible jet pumps and Little Giant convertible jet pumps at the lowest prices, visit their website now.

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