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Inspector Pumphead

Inspector John Paul Pumphead is a scientist, bon vivant and all-around father figure to everyone at Pump Products. He studied fluid dynamics at MIT, mechanical engineering at Carnegie Mellon and good old-fashioned plumbing at the school of hard knocks. The Inspector uses that background to make sure every product that goes out the door meets his high standards for accuracy, quality control, proper packaging and application fit. He and his team of application engineers stand ready to answer questions regarding pump and pump part selections and can assist in pump sizing, troubleshooting, and other pump-related issues.


Nick - Application Engineer 

Nick studied plumbing and heating at Platt Tech in his hometown of Milford, Connecticut and he brings that expertise to his work as an Applications Engineer. When he's not helping customers select the right pumping equipment, Nick enjoys spending his free time outdoors or working on his beloved Chevy Silverado 2500HD.  Nick is also a movie buff - he particularly enjoys Fight Club, Deadpool and The Notebook.

Lee - Application Engineer 

Lee is a natural at helping customers choose the right pump over the phone. He hails from Wallington, NJ and received his degree in Business Management from Rutgers University. In his free time, Lee enjoys sports, hanging out with friends and learning about new technology. An avid reader, he has read his favorite book "How to Win Friends and Influence People" multiple times and even receives a Christmas card from his local library.

Christian D. - Application Engineer 

Christian hails from Newark, New Jersey and works as an application engineer to make sure customers purchase the right pump. Christian has an aptitude for the technical and is currently studying Computer Science at Essex County College. Some of his hobbies include video and PC gaming, as well as gaming tournaments. He looks forward to opportunities to visit his family in Germany.

Dave  - Application Engineer 

With more than 20 years experience in the wholesale plumbing business, application specialist David brings expert knowledge of residential hydronics and sewage/wastewater pumps. He uses his extensive knowledge to help our customers find the right pump or parts to suit their needs.

Will - Application Engineer 

Will has a near encyclopedic knowledge of pumps and is an expert at identifying pumps for the customers needs. Will also fields inquiries, return requests and warranties; he is known for his great touch with customers.

Casey - Application Engineer 

Casey works as an all-purpose salesman, fielding calls in the office and traveling out in the field to get customers the pumps they need. Casey has extensive experience in sales and excellent background knowledge regarding heating, plumbing and water systems.

Giuseppe - Facilities Manager 

"Zep" is considered to be the jack-of- all-trades here at Pump Products. When not maintaining the building to top standard, he is working in shipping, driving or helping anywhere he is needed. Dabbling in a bit of everything, he says, "I get a good workout."

Keith - Pump Mechanic 

Along with a 1000-watt smile, Keith has a way with electronics and brings extensive experience configuring, troubleshooting and repairing pump motors and controls to our customer service team.

Robert - Pump Mechanic 

Robert is one of the skilled warranty repair specialists on hand to help you make the most of your pump purchase.

Marius - Pump Mechanic 

Marius comes to Pump Products from his native Poland, where he received his electrical training. He puts that training to good use as a pump mechanic working to make repairs on damaged pumps. In his spare time, Marius enjoys fiddling with other mechanical items such as car radios. He also enjoys fishing.

Rich - Pump Mechanic 

Rich comes from Bayonne, and is one of the hardest working pump mechanics around. Wastewater and storm water pump applications are among his specialties. In his free time, Rich is a certified New Jersey swimming official who oversees swim meets and other competitions.

Craig - Pump Mechanic 

Craig has been with Pump Products since its inception, delivering a level of craftsmanship and professionalism that manages to leave a strong impression without leaving a trace. A Master Plumber and skilled fabricator, Craig specializes in new system design and installation. When he's not in the field installing sewer ejector and storm water systems Craig is remodeling his home.

Ed - General Manager 

Ed "Big Eddie" Drejman is the company's general manager and oversees all operations, from managing inventory to service and repair. Big Eddie combines product knowledge and technical expertise, which he also uses in his hobby rebuilding old garden tractors. He likes listening to music from his youth, "mostly 70s and 80s stuff" and his favorite movie is "The Godfather." His family enjoys travelling to South Carolina every year. Hailing from Mahwah, Ed is a loyal New Jersey Devils fan.

Chet - Controller 

Chet has an eidetic or photographic memory, a quality shared by only about 10% of the population. Chet serves as the Controller overseeing all accounting operations. Chet graduated from Rider University.

Regi - Accounting 

Regi arrived at Pump Products after more than a decade of accounting in the technology sector. He brings an eagle eye, a cool head and a knack for numbers to the task of monitoring and managing our accounts.

Alix - Accounting 

Alix estimates that she catalogued and launched about 50,000 books in academic publishing prior to coming to Pump Products where she currently handles our inventory systems.

Cheryl - Receiving Manager

Cheryl comes to us armed with a degree in Business Administration from William Paterson University, which she puts to good use helping to manage the website inventory. When she's not unloading a truck, Cheryl enjoys rescuing dogs (of which she has four), shopping at flea markets and crafting. She is a fan of the Giants, Devils and the author Karen Kingsbury.

Jackie - Marketing Manager 

Jackie works as the Marketing Manager, managing products and other materials on the website. In her free time, she enjoys hanging out with friends and flexing her creative side - she particularly likes arranging flowers and once worked as a florist. Jackie is a Giants fan from Paramus, NJ and received a degree in English from William Paterson University.

Mike - Videographer 

Videographer Mike hails from Little Ferry, NJ and graduated from William Paterson University with a degree in media production. Having worked on movie productions featuring stars such as Keanu Reeves, Mike has moved on to the even more exciting and challenging work of filming pumps. In his free time, he enjoys performing stand-up comedy and is a die hard Oakland Raiders fan.

Steve - Shipping Manager 

Steve is a dedicated shipping manager. He provides our customers with fast and accurate order processing. When not processing shipping orders, Steve enjoys spending his time beating high scores in the game "God of War".

Gary - Driver 

Gary spends a lot of time on the road as the official driver, delivering orders to customers in the Tri-State area. Gary has an extensive background in plumbing and drain cleaning. He brings his experience to bear when assisting the shipping and receiving department. In his spare time, Gary likes to hang out with friends and cheer for his New York Giants.

Anthony - Shipping Clerk 

Anthony is a shipping and receiving clerk from Belleville, NJ. He works hard processing orders, tracking down warehouse inventory, repacking products and ensuring quality control in all customer orders. In his spare time, Anthony enjoys playing video games and watching movies.

Brandon - IT

Brandon comes from Hasbrouck Heights, NJ.  He put his computer science degree from Montclair State Univeristy to good use as the head of the IT department.  If you are having issues with emails, firewalls or your site account, Brandon is the man.  In his spare time, he enjoys watching movies, playing videogames and rooting for his beloved Pittsburgh Steelers.