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Members of Pump Express

Ed Drejman-General Manager

Ed Drejman has been with Pump Express since day-one, providing the experience and expertise that make us a leading pump distributor and a destination service center in the Northeast. A veteran technician and diagnostician with expert certification from the Goulds, Armstrong and New England Water Works organizations, Ed runs our Field Operations and Pump Repair Facility like well-oiled machines. If his good looks seem familiar, it's because he's pictured here with son Eddie, below.

Regi Mathew

Regi Mathew arrived at Pump Express after more than a decade of Accounting in the technology sector. He brings an eagle eye, a cool head and a knack for numbers to the task of monitoring and managing our accounts. In addition to tax law, Regi is fluent in Malayalam, the language of his native Kerala, India, where he developed the seven-meter throwing arm he maintains by playing team handball. During the rare weekend when he isn't driving his daughters to synchronized swimming competitions, he competes in tournaments.

David Perillo -Parts Specialist

With more than 20 years experience in the wholesale plumbing business Parts Specialist David Perillo brings expert knowledge of residential hydronics and sewage/wastewater systems to Pump Express. Dave acquired his first-rate customer service skills while working as assistant manager at one of New Jersey's largest plumbing supply houses and his penchant for being polite as troop leader to several waves of cub scouts.

Chet Tadrzynski-Inventory Management Specialist

Chet has a photographic memory, a quality shared by only about 10% of the population. When he isn't rattling off old baseball stats and staff social security numbers, Chet monitors the extensive stock in our warehouse. With more than 500,000 square feet of inventory to keep track of, he's often got a lot on his mind.

Mike Felenczak - Commercial & Industrial HVAC Applications

When Mike first entered the HVAC field 40 years ago IBM cooled their corporate headquarters by opening the door to the basement. Not really, but Mike has been installing, configuring, upgrading and troubleshooting large heating and air conditioning pump systems long enough to be our go-to guy for expert system diagnostics and spot-on quotes. Jets or Giants? He'll take them both..

Tim Garrison-Water Pressure Boosting Systems Specialist

A licensed Master Plumber since age 22, Tim brings more than 25 years experience in the plumbing and heating industry to our team and is our resident plumbing codes guru. Tim divvies up his free time between his four sons and twin passions: the Yankees and Giants.<.

Giuseppe Bruno-Warranty Repair Specialist

I enjoy taking apart and putting together motors,” says Giuseppe, who’s done commercial and industrial electrical work for five years and worked on pump motors for nearly as long. As Pump Express’s warranty repair specialist, Giuseppe gets a lot of enjoyment from working on large industrial pumps and solving the diagnostic challenges they often pose. “Plus” he says, “I get a good workout.” A self-described neat-freak, Giuseppe’s equally enjoys relaxing by his pool and trimming the surrounding hedges

Kieth Zalarick- Pump System Diagnostician

Along with a 1000-watt smile, Keith has a way with electronics. As a youngster, this affinity led him to take apart his stereo and refrigerator. When he put everything back together he found his calling. At Pump Express, Keith deftly installs, repairs and troubleshoots pump controls and motors. In Keith’s world, a perfect day starts with a dead motor and ends with his fishing boat purring across the ocean, his wife and golden retriever Pebbles by his side.

Craig McCrickard -Pump System Specialist

Is there a Nice Guy Award out there? We have a prime candidate. Craig has been with Pump Express since it’s inception, delivering a level of craftsmanship and professionalism that manages to leave a strong impression without leaving a trace. A Master Plumber and skilled fabricator, Craig specializes in new system design and installation. When he’s not in the field installing sewer ejector and storm water systems Craig is remodeling his home. If it turns out like his pump systems, we’ll have a House Beautiful Award shoe-in too.

Alix Rios -Inventory Management 

Alix estimates that she catalogued and launched about 50,000 books in academic publishing prior to coming to Pump Products where she currently handles our inventory systems

Will Pump Sales Engineer 

Will brings energy and a winning attitude to the job of handling customer requests and inquiries about our products and services. When he isn't fielding calls, Will demos and promotes our extensive inventory of pumps, motors and generators.

Robert- Pump Repair Engineer 

Robert is one of the skilled warranty repair specialists on hand to help you make the most of your pump purchase.

Tyler Perillo -Shipping and Receiving Clerk 

Tyler works in our warehouse, shipping and receiving the premium pump products we stock and sell

Nick -Application Engineer 

Nick is one of several Application Engineers on hand to help you select and size the right pumping equipment for your application

David -Web Programmer/IT Administrator 

Dave, our Web Producer, is an Information Technology (IT) pro who brings a background in photography and marketing to the job of maintaining our website and optimizing our customers online experience

Frank -Application Engineer 

Frank is our seasoned application engineer. His background in the pump industry exceeds over 20 years, which has afforded him knowledge of pump systems that rivals anyone in the industry. When he is not sizing up pumps for customers, he is attending classic car shows, looking for inspiration for his next restoration project.

Matt -Shipping and Receiving Clerk 

Matt, our young and energetic Shipping and Receiving Clerk, ensures orders ship out quickly and that they are accurately processed . He has an uncanny ability to retain a tremendous amount of information; and is always entertaining everyone with all kinds of "did you know" facts. He is pump products walking encyclopedia.

Casey -Field Sales Engineer 

Casey is our field salesman. Every day he travels far and wide to meet with customers to explore, discover and analyze resolutions to their problems.

Christian -Application Engineer 

Christian is another expert pump application engineer, here to help customers make sure their purchase will suit their specs.

Robert -Service Mechanic 

Robert is our expert service mechanic ready to fix anything at a moments notice. He has been servicing pumps for many years. His knowledge, speed and precision make him the mechanic you want to see when something goes wrong.

Steve -Shipping and Receiving Clerk 

Steve is the latest addition to our Pump Products shipping team. As a shipping clerk he provides our customers with fast and accurate order processing. When not processing shipping orders, Steve enjoys spending his time beating high scores in the video game "God of War".