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  • Berkeley Booster Pumps: Smart Solutions for Today's Water Systems

    By admin April 30, 2020 Uncategorized

    Booster pumps are some of the smartest solutions for water woes around your house, commercial business, or farm. If you ever wish there was better water pressure on your property, a Berkeley booster pump might be just what you need!

    In this article, we’ll talk briefly about what booster pumps do, as well as why and where you might need them. We also take a deep look at one of the best, most innovative booster pump options out there today, the Pentair Berkeley Intelliboost® Multi-Stage VFD Boosting Pump.

    The Berkeley company has been around for a long time, and they offer some of the most reliable, quality booster pumps in the industry. Let’s take a look at what makes the Intelliboost® is so remarkable!

    What Are Booster Pumps and Why Might You Need One?

    First, let’s cover the basics. Booster pumps (just as their name implies) boost or enhance water pressure wherever you install them. There are various reasons you might be experiencing low water pressure, like:

    • low pressure at the main source (city water main, well, or municipality)
    • small pipes that don’t allow for good flow
    • being located a long distance from your water source
    • high altitudes
    • overloaded systems with too many fixtures or appliances
    • plumbing issues, clogs, or leaks

    Unfortunately, a booster pump won’t be able to fix major plumbing problems; you’ll have to call in the pros for that. But in the rest of these instances, a booster pump will solve your low water pressure woes!

    The Details: Berkeley’s IntelliBoost® Constant Pressure Variable Speed Booster Systems

    With more demands than ever on our water systems, the Berkeley booster pumps Intelliboost® Systems are built for peak performance.

    These pumps are designed for complex freshwater applications, like those found in high rises, multi-apartment buildings, office buildings, airports, malls, hospitals, and hotels. They also work great in many other commercials, industrial and municipal locations.


    This state-of-the-art booster system is an innovative combo of the Pentair Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) on each individual pump, plus a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) with a Proportional Integral Derivative (PID) Loop feature used to stage up to four pumps to work in concert. Depending on the pressure and flow needs of the application, you can customize your pumping solution!

    Each Intelliboost® system comes fully assembled and wired. You’ll enjoy the easy installation and dependable booster service right out of the box.

    Features and Specs

    This system features a true variable speed control that adjusts itself as the demand changes. This allows it to hold water pressure (up to 60psi) at whatever desired level you set. It comes pre-set to boost 60psi, so if that’s what you need, you can just place it, plumb it, wire it, and go! Installation and startup is a breeze.

    It has a built-in check valve for further protection and a clear LCD Screen so you can easily see the pumping system’s status.


    These dynamic systems work great on your high-volume property for:

    • Increasing pressure in apartment home fixtures, like showers, faucets, etc.
    • Increasing the efficiency of pressure washers, HVAC systems, and filtration systems
    • Enhancing pressure in large facilities like high-rise office buildings, airports, schools & malls
    • Boosting pressure and working with other pump types in restaurants (like with dishwashers and ice machines)
    • Providing effective irrigation and watering solutions in large-scale applications

    No matter where your water pressure needs a boost, Berkeley booster pumps have you covered.

    Industry Leading Pentair Berkeley Booster Pumps

    Back in 1937, when Pentair Berkeley pumps were first introduced, they were used to irrigate the fertile fields of California’s San Joaquin Valley.

    The brand has always been known for high quality and dependability, and their pumps are very popular with water transfer professionals. The company’s industry-leading product line is now one of the most comprehensive in the business! Your Online Berkeley Pumps Distributor

    When you’re looking for the best deals on Pentair Berkeley pumps, you don’t even need to leave your couch!

    Check out our full-service website or give our highly skilled pump experts a call. They can answer your questions and help you select the pump style and size that’s right for your application, plus you can get price quotes and place your order over the phone!

    We are proud to be the largest online dealers for Berkeley booster pumps, which are some of the best and most respected booster pumps on the market today. We carry the Pentair Berkeley Intelliboost® Multi-Stage VFD Boosting Pump, and always offers guaranteed low prices on Berkley pumps, replacement parts, and pump accessories!

  • Pump Express offers New Pump Systems and Repairs for General Contractors

    By admin April 3, 2020 Uncategorized

    Nothing in life lasts forever. Father Time, much like the 1972 season for the Miami football Dolphins, remains unbeaten. Pumping systems unfortunately fall victim to wear and tear. Even the most efficient machines need replacing after long periods of time. Luckily Pump Express offers a wide range of new pumps and pump repair services to commercial, industrial and residential clients in New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut.

    Pump Express has decades of experience working with the leading manufacturers of pumps and parts. If you're a general contractor, no matter whether you have commercial or residential needs, Pump Express is your one stop shop and here to make your life easier.

    From sewage pumps, to sump pumps, booster pumps, circulator pumps, grinder pumps, effluent pumps, and many more, our experts can assist you today. If you need help selecting and sizing a pump, no problem. Our experts are specially trained to diagnose all kinds of pumping systems and applications. Pump Express will help you get the maximum from not only your system but your bottom line as well.

    With so many brands and models of pumps, it can be difficult to determine which pump is the right fit for your application. No worries! Whether you need help selecting pumps, panels, parts, or accessories, we can supply your needs and give you the necessary expertise. Giving our customers peace of mind is what we set out to do.

    Our pump experts will make sure you're getting the right equipment and specifications for your requirements. With over 30 years of experience, our pump and motor experts are able to assist contractors with the most technical of questions. Pump Express is truly a one stop shop. Not only can you receive troubleshooting advice and have technical questions answered, you can also find every pump or part you need all in one convenient place.

    Pump Express services simple seal replacements to complete pump overhauls. We provide diagnostic services for pumps and pump related equipment. All of our repairs are tested before field operation so you can be sure your pumps are in good hands. Not only do we offer free repair pick-up and delivery, but most services are even completed the same day.

    Some Pump Repair & Rebuild Services We Offer

    • Rebuilding pumps and motors
    • Shaft and impeller re-balancing
    • Seal and bearing replacement
    • Diagnostic and testing
    • Troubleshooting pumps and controls

    If you're in need of electrical motors as well, fear not! Motors are our specialty. Our expert service technicians repair motors of every kind in our Northern New Jersey service facility. We make sure our customers are back up and running quickly and efficiently. Our years of pump, motor repair and maintenance services to the commercial, industrial and residential markets are second to none!

    From complete machine shop services, to simple pump repair and complete motor re-winding, Pump Express has the resources to meet your needs. This means you can be confident that you will receive comprehensive service from factory trained technicians when you bring in your pumps and electric motors for repair.

    Contact us today and get your job done right. Whether you are a facility owner, contractor, or home owner, Pump Express is here to make sure you and your bottom line get taken care of. Experts are standing by at 1-800-298-4100 to give immediate assistance and answer your questions.


  • Top 3 Benefits to Owning a Macerating Toilet System

    By admin April 1, 2020 Uncategorized

    Top 3 Benefits to Owning a Macerating Toilet System

    Is it time to remodel or add a bathroom, or to move?

    It’s easy to see what owning or buying a quality toilet has to do with remodeling or adding a bathroom. But how in the world is having a macerating toilet going to help you if you plan to move? In this article, we’re going to be talking about this, plus what macerating toilets are and how they work, as well as the top three benefits to owning one (or more) of such toilets.

    We’ll also talk about Liberty Pumps and their popular Assent II macerating toilet system. They are some of the best pumps and pump parts in the business, and their toilet system is no exception. Let’s dive in by learning more about what these toilets are and why you might want to own one. You’ll be able to confidently make your next toilet purchase with these key factors in mind!

    The Basics: What Macerating Toilets Are and How They Work

    Macerating toilets are also known as “upflush toilets”. They’re the latest thing in the world of bathroom fixtures. But what are they and how do they really work? Are they worth the hype?

    Assent II Macerating Toilet System

    In short, they work without the help of gravity (unlike normal toilet fixtures), and they can be installed anywhere without the need for cracking into concrete floors. The key difference between a macerating toilet and a typical toilet is the attached macerating sewage pump system, which grinds any solids present in your toilet to a pulp. This mixes with the water from flushing, and produces a sludge that is much easier to flush through your pipes.

    The Top 3 Benefits of Owning a Quality Macerating Toilet System

    While there are many more than just three benefits to owning a macerating toilet, we’ve lumped several into these top three reasons you’ll want to own one. After the benefits, we’ll talk about Liberty Pumps’ Assent II model in depth so that you can see what one of the best offers.

    1. Install Anywhere and Move Easily

    Macerating toilets, like the Liberty Pumps Assent II model, can be easily installed anywhere you need a toilet…they don’t require gravity to flush well, and there’s no need to dig up concrete floors to install any piping (like with normal toilet installs). Basement or attic placement? No problem!

    With no damage to floors or the areas around them, they’re also much more easily moved than most toilets. If you remodel down the road, change your mind, or move, you can just move your toilet!

    2. Fewer Clogs

    The macerating functionality of these loos means that nasty sewage clogs and backup are a thing of the past!

    3. Save Money and The Planet

    These toilets flush very effectively while using little water. So, with every flush, you’re saving money on monthly bills and reducing wasted water. They are both eco- and budget-friendly!

    Liberty Pumps and The Assent II Macerating Toilet System

    Liberty pumps products are consistently rated very highly by the consumers who purchase them, and they’re industry best sellers. Liberty is also a family- and employee-owned company. Not only that, but they’re also based in the U.S. Over their many years in business, Liberty has established itself as one of the best selling and most trusted pump brands in the industry.

    The Liberty Assent II (RSW – rounded front, ESW – elongated, and TW – tank) macerating system is another bestseller. It can be purchased as a complete toilet package, or the parts can be purchased separately. The insulated tank reduces sweating. The RazorCut™ technology of the macerating pump is super quiet and efficient, resulting in few clogs.

    If ever there is an issue, the removable service panel allows you hassle-free access to the pump and cutter components! It’s an easy-install and easy-to-maintain system and can be placed anywhere you need a toilet! Your Liberty Pumps and Liberty Pump Parts Dealer

    When you’re ready to buy a new Liberty pump or Liberty pump parts (including Liberty toilet systems), check out our full-service website. We also carry the Assent II Macerating Toilet System we’ve talked about here.

    If you have questions or need assistance in choosing a pump to fit your needs, give our talented customer service pros a call at 1-800-429-0800. specializes in pumps of all kinds, and we’re among the largest online dealers for Liberty pumps, one of the world’s most reliable pump brands.

  • Where is There a Pump & Electric Motor Repair Shop Near Me?

    By admin March 25, 2020 Uncategorized
    0 is your destination for getting electric motors fixed. Nothing lasts forever and even the most powerful and efficient machines fall prey to Father Time eventually. Fear not though, motors are our specialty!

    Located in Wallington, New Jersey, Pump Express offers a wide range of pump and motor repair and maintenance services to the commercial, industrial and residential clients in New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut.

    Pump Express experts have been answering to the needs of the commercial, industrial and municipal markets for more than 30 years. Our service technicians can repair a wide variety motors and examine the entire motor system to determine why the motor failed. Our biggest priority is to fix and prevent a recurrence. Making sure the job gets finished in a timely manner is also our priority as we look to get our customers back up and running in no time flat!

    Here are a few of the various types of Electric Motors we service:

    • AC Electric Pump Motors
    • DC Electric Motors
    • Open Drip-Proof Motors
    • Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled Motors
    • Totally Enclosed Non-ventilated Motors
    • Hazardous Location Motors
    • Totally Enclosed Air Over Motors
    • Single Phase Motors
    • Three Phase Motors.

    Additional Repair Services

    Variable Speed Motors- Variable frequency drive controllers are solid state electronic power conversion devices. The usual design first converts AC input power to DC intermediate power using a rectifier or converter bridge. The rectifier is usually a three-phase, full-wave-diode bridge. The DC intermediate power is then converted to quasi-sinusoidal AC power using an inverter switching circuit. The inverter circuit is probably the most important section of the VFD, changing DC energy into three channels of AC energy that can be used by an AC motor. These units provide improved power factor, less harmonic distortion, and low sensitivity to the incoming phase sequencing than older phase controlled converter VFD's. Our technicians are manufacturer-trained VFD experts.

    Laser Shaft Alignment We use advanced precision laser alignment equipment to ensure proper shaft-to-shaft alignment. This reduces wear and tear to equipment as well as energy consumption. For detailed information on our Precision Laser Alignment Service, please click here.

    All of our repairs are carried out in accordance with government-sanctioned energy efficiency regulations for 1 to 500 horsepower AC motors. For Service or to Request a Quote Click here or call a Pump Express Service representative Today!

     Call Toll Free: 800-298-4100
  • Pump Express Services Addresses Growing Need for Upgrades in Aging Pump Systems Across NY & NJ

    By admin July 27, 2015 Uncategorized

    Pump Express Services Addresses Growing Need for Upgrades in Aging Pump Systems Across NY & NJ

    Sewage ejector systems that are chronically clogged and HVAC systems that give out in extreme weather are issues that rank high on a list of growing concerns among commercial and industrial facility managers in aging industrial areas of New York and New Jersey. Ed Drejman, who heads Pump Express Services is part of a team that is shifting it’s focus from pump repairs and maintenance to addressing these and other growing job site challenges with innovative pumping equipment characterized by heavy-duty design, high performance and versatility.

    “Some systems we’re called in to service are so old, they’ve started to collapse,” says Drejman. “Even pump systems in newer buildings installed in the 1970s and ’80s, are showing signs of wear. Only much-needed upgrades can prevent continuing breakdowns that increase the damage to an aging infrastructure, and in some cases, threaten public health. We are focused on addressing these issues with a staff trained in the installation and operation of a new generation of pumps suited to current demands.”

    The improper disposal of synthetic wipes, gloves, swabs and other sanitary products has led to a rise in the clogging of commercial and industrial sewage disposal systems. Drejman and his team respond to chronically clogged systems with a variety of commercial-grade grinder pumps, including Liberty Omnivore Grinder Pumps and BJM Shredder Pumps, which provide maximum efficiency and shredding power in a compact, easy-to-install, unit. Continue reading

  • Rise in Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Use Among Garden State Building Owners Driving Summer Sales at PUMP EXPRESS SERVICES

    By admin April 1, 2015 Uncategorized

    Rise in Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Use Among Garden State Building Owners Driving Summer Sales at PUMP EXPRESS SERVICES

    With the arrival of summer, building managers across the Northeast must address the spike in cooling system demands and soaring energy costs that accompany hot weather. In recent years, growing numbers of cost-conscious New Jersey building owners have begun calling on Pump Express Services to address these issues by adding variable frequency drives (VFDs) to their HVAC pump systems.

    “Everybody from corporations to homeowners are looking to save money,” says Pump Express Sales Manager Fred Hettinger. “Along with large corporations like L’Oreal, who called us to install VFDs on the Armstrong end-suction pumps that run their HVAC system, we’ve done VFD maintenance for high-end residential clients intent on saving energy and dollars.

    Variable Frequency Drives are used to control the speed of motor-driven pumps and fans. Standard motors start abruptly with a high starting torque and current surges up to 10 times the normal running current. Variable speed drives gradually ramp the motor up to operating speed and thereby conserve energy, lessen mechanical stress, reduce repair costs and extend equipment life. In most cases, VFDs pay for themselves in savings within three years. Continue reading

  • PUMP EXPRESS Journeys to Ellis Island to Overhaul Antiquated Sewage Ejector System

    By admin March 30, 2015 Uncategorized

    PUMP EXPRESS Journeys to Ellis Island to Overhaul Antiquated Sewage Ejector System

    Ellis Island is one of America’s most popular historic sites, visited by 100,000 people last year. Most arrive by boat just as their ancestors did 100 years ago. But for those with the right credentials the island is accessible by motor vehicle.

    Pump Express Services techs currently drive across the small bridge that connects the island to Liberty State Park daily as they work to replace the antiquated Weil sewage ejector pump system that has served the island for the last 30 years. They are replacing the old system with a pair of 900-pound BJM shedder pumps.

    Elllis Island was closed to visitors last November after being hit by Hurricane Sandy but according to Pump Express Sales manager Fred Hettinger, the island’s sewage ejector system was in need of an overhaul long before that. Continue reading

  • PUMP EXPRESS SERVICES CASE HISTORY: Switching Out Sewage Pumps for Shredders In a New Jersey Apartment Complex

    By admin April 23, 2013 Uncategorized

    PUMP EXPRESS SERVICES CASE HISTORY: Switching Out Sewage Pumps for Shredders In a New Jersey Apartment Complex

    The Job Site: A four-building apartment complex in Hackensack, N.J., with a 10 year old Goulds duplex sewage ejector system that is constantly clogging with synthetic debris.

    The Problem: Removing the pumps to service them. The sewage pit the pumps operate in is 30 feet deep and located outside the building right next to a main road. Pump Express Service techs require 4-6 hours to remove, clear and replace the old pumps each time they service them. They have been called back five times in the last six months

    The Solution: The building’s managers have decided that maintaining the old pumps will cost more than replacing them with a pair of BJM shredder pumps specifically designed to shear down tough synthetic debris of the kind that is currently hobbling the system. Continue reading

  • How To Troubleshoot A Sump Pump

    By admin March 30, 2013 Uncategorized

    How To Troubleshoot A Sump Pump

    With all the media attention that preceded Hurricane Sandy, most East Coast homeowners put testing their basement sump pumps high on their pre-storm to-do lists. Those who didn’t, and experienced flooding as a result of pump failure, probably wish they had. Identifying a pump problem in advance could spare a homeowner thousands of dollars in water damage. The following is our step-by-step how-to list.

    Open the pit that the sump pump sits inside and clear away any debris.

    Pour several buckets of water into the pit. This should cause the pump to turn on and run with an even humming sound. If it doesn’t turn on, or you hear a grinding sound, you should make arrangements to have it repaired. Pump Express Service techs are manufacturer trained to repair sump and dewatering pumps of all makes and models.

    Check the discharge line for leaks. A leaking line should be replaced as soon as possible. Continue reading

  • Moonlighting With Pump Express Services: 24/7 Emergency Service in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut

    By admin January 26, 2013 Uncategorized

    Moonlighting With Pump Express Services: 24/7 Emergency Service in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut

    There are a handful of things that are best done in the middle of the night and replacing a hotel booster pump system is one of them.

    At least that’s what the managers of a 256 room hotel in Morristown, N.J. decided when Pump Express Service staff arrived to replace a booster pump system last fall and discovered that none of the isolation valves in place to cut water flow to the pumps were working. Replacing the valves and the hotel’s 15-year-old booster pump system would require cutting off the hotel’s main water supply and draining the entire 10-floor building – a procedure that was ruled out because it meant closing the hotel and it’s three restaurants for the duration of the job.

    Line freezing was one alternative option. Pump Express Service staff could assemble a chamber around the pipe and then run liquid nitrogen into it until the pipe turned to a block of ice. This time-consuming process would eliminate the need to drain the system but would interrupt water flow throughout the building. Ultimately, this too was nixed. Continue reading

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