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  • Grinder System Packages Guaranteed for Long Service Lives

    By admin April 19, 2021 Uncategorized

    If you’re looking for a pump system that is designed to offer long life, look no further than Barnes Grinder Pumps and the Goulds Grinder System. Both these Grinder pump systems are fitted with premium-quality, industrial-grade parts and come with dedicated service warranties, making them ideal choices for waste management systems.

    What are Grinder Pumps and Grinder System Packages?

    Grinder pumps are specialized wastewater management devices that collect wastewater from a residential/commercial property. Once the water reaches a particular level, the grinder pump grinds the waste into a slurry and pumps it into the septic tank.

    Grinder system packages are all-in-one machines that allow building owners to seamlessly manage their wastewater processing requirements. They work best for both head sewage applications and pressure sewage systems.

    In this article, we take a look at the Barnes Grinder Pumps package and the Goulds Grinder System Package in detail to learn more about them.


    Features and benefits of Barnes Grinder Pumps - OGP Series

    Developed by renowned pump manufacturer Barnes, the Barnes Grinder Pumps - OGP Series is renowned for its long life and reliable performance.


    • The pumps come in multiple assemblies, ideal for different applications.
    • They boast of a more superior-quality hydraulic design coverage.
    • They come with plug-n-play cords that facilitate modular component upgrades.



    • This series is available in the Upgrade Core package.
    • The pumps fit very well into lower pressure sewer pump providers, such as E/One 200 and 2000 Series basins.
    • They can be used for both residential and commercial/industrial use.


    Barnes 131717

    The Barnes 131717 centrifugal grinder pump system from the Barnes Grinder Pumps variant is a very reliable system that is ideal for both residential and industrial usage. This pump:

    • Does away with traditional 2HP design and replaces it with a superior hydraulic design.
    • Comes with 1-1/4" tubing, bolt-on flange discharge.
    • It can pump up to 28/GPM, has a 195ft head and a cord that’s 15ft in length.
    • The connections come in both rigid piped and flex-hose designs.

    Barnes 131717EXC

    The Barnes 131717EXC is one of the top-performing grinder pump systems in the Barnes Grinder Pumps category. It has a very long service life with few instances of repair and replacement. If you’re looking for a heavy-duty pump, this is the one. This pump:

    • Operates on 2HP, 240 Volts of power.
    • Has a maximum pumping rate of 28GPM, which is sufficient for both home and commercial applications.
    • The centrifugal technology in the 131717EXC outperforms the Progressing Cavity technology in most other grinder pumps.
    • This model comes in different assemblies and with plug-n-play cords for individual components, allowing for component-specific upgrades.

    Features and benefits of Goulds Grinder System Packages - RGS2012

    Are you looking for a grinder pump system that is ideal for situations where gravity systems are not practical choices? Then, the pumps by Goulds will be your best choice.


    • All Goulds RGS2012 Grinder System Packages contain a specialized control panel that offers specific functionalities for indoor/outdoor applications.
    • These pumps can handle abrasive waste as well and are made using components that are corrosion-resistant.
    • All Goulds RGS2012 series pumps operate on single phase power, at 2 HP, 208/230 volts.


    • They’re available in simplex and duplex models, perfect for both home and commercial needs.
    • The RGS series comprises specialized all-in-one units, which are perfectly suited for high head sewage applications.
    • They’re extremely easy to install and take very little maintenance to run for a very long time.

    The Goulds SIMRGSKT is a simplex sewage grinder, which is part of the Goulds Grinder System Packages. It is designed specifically for pressure sewage systems. It is a very reliable pump system that:

    • Comes with a set of 3 premium-grade cast iron pump legs, which are highly durable.
    • Is compatible with both with guide rail and without guide rail basins.
    • Works on 2HP, 208/230 volts power and has an high flow rate of 41/GPM.
    • Comes with an indoor control panel that has unique corrosion-resistant alarm horn, color-coded wiring, and plug-in sockets that are easy-to-use and service.
    • UL and CUL listed.


    The Goulds DUPRGSKTN4 is another member of the Goulds Grinder System Packages; the Goulds DUPRGSKTN4 is a cost-efficient, energy-efficient and durable grinder pump system by Goulds. It is perfect for high-head residential sewage applications where gravity systems cannot be used. This pump:

    • Has a maximum head at 95ft, maximum submergence of 50ft, and a maximum GPM of 41
    • Can maintain a steady and intermittent temperature at 104º F.
    • Is designed to quickly process waste of all types in individual home applications.
    • The non-overloading two vane design silicon bronze semi-open impeller, coupled with the cast iron legs, make this pump system extremely safe and efficient.
    • This model comes with a robust control panel that has a range of 0-20 Amps, a high-level alarm circuit, high-intensity flashing red light that offers 360° visibility and is UL/CUL listed.

    About Barnes

    Barnes has over three decades of experience in the plumbing and wastewater management industry. Their expansive selection of Barnes Grinder Pumps, sump pumps, effluent pumps, fountain pumps, and pressure sewer systems have revolutionized the plumbing industry.

    About Goluds

    Goulds Pumps is one of the most renowned pump manufacturing companies in the world. They serve not just residential clients but industries in the oil & gas, mining, power, chemical, pulp, and paper industries. Their cutting-edge designs – specifically the Goulds Grinder System Packages – are favored by clients across the world.

    About Pump Products

    Pump Products is a leading stockist and supplier of sump pumps, effluent pumps, grinder pumps, and septic tanks. We stock a wide range of Barnes Grinder Pumps and Goulds Grinder System Packages that we deliver for free across North America. Our commitment to quality and our timely service ensures you have your grinder pumps well in time. Contact us to place an order.

  • Spring Time is the Best Time to Invest in a Fountain Pump

    By admin March 19, 2021 Uncategorized

    A fountain pump is a centrifugal pump. It moves water with the help of pressure obtained from centrifugal action. The centrifugal force emerges by the action of the movement of the impeller. Some of the best fountain pumps currently in demand are Barnes Fountain Pump and Zoeller Fountain Pump.

    The fountain pumps supply water flow to fountains. They apply for aesthetic purposes and aeration in commercial, residential, and industrial applications. They are configured for indoor and outdoor use.

    There are two types of fountain pumps based on application. They can be either industrial or commercial. Commercial fountain pumps find their use mainly in decorative applications. There have a variety of indoor and outdoor configurations. Tabletop or garden fountains are mostly decorative. While indoor fountain pumps have low flow rates, the outdoor pumps substantially more water.

    Features and benefits of Zoeller Fountain Pump/ Barnes Fountain Pumps

    The Zoeller fountain pumps can raise the water fountain to a height of 5 m. It is easy to install. The assembled pumps come in the water-lily pattern.  It can operate in 1.5 m of water or more continuously.

    The Zoeller fountain pump is equipped with a 6" (15 cm) circulatory screen to support it draw water from below the surface. It is designed to add to motor life. It has a 100' (30 m) electrical cable that connects to a 120 V outlet. Its flotation system has UV-resistant polyethylene float. There are eye bolts for anchoring.

    The Zoeller fountain pump adds unique value to your home. These pumps are designed to eliminate stagnant water and reduce algae build-up. It helps reduce mosquitoes. The water-cooled motor minimizes pond contamination and pollution risk. Some applications include golf courses and waterscapes. This pump comes with a 1-year limited warranty.

    The Barnes Fountain Pump is a submersible fountain pump. These pumps come in wide-ranging pumping capacities and designs – vertical and horizontal. The energy-efficient motors in these pumps ensure continuous duty operation. Their application includes both indoor and outdoor such as pond aeration, waterscapes, and decorative water displays.

    Zoeller 370-0002

    This model of Zoeller Fountain Pumps produces 15 feet (4.57 meters) high water fountain. Their applications are in golf courses, pond aeration, and waterscapes. They are easy to install, while the water lily pattern is preinstalled in them. It can operate in 1.5 m of water or more. The aeration capacity of this pump is 4,900 gallons (22,276 L) of water per hour. Its capacity is evident with its continuous duty operation.

    Barnes 109972 Model SF411

    The Barnes Fountain pumps under this model pump effluent or wastewater. It is specially designed to pump non-explosive and non-corrosive liquids that feature decorative water displays. Its squirrel caged induction motor is oil-filled and torque curved. Its applications include dramatic and decorative water displays.

    There are several other features, in it such as female, vertical discharge of 2” NPT. Several essential parts in it, such as seal plate, impeller, motor housing, and volute, are of cast iron. The impeller of this pump comes with an open 2 vane design and pump-out vanes on the backside. The other features include 300 series stainless steel hardware, Buna-N square rings, and a 400 series stainless steel shaft.

    Its single mechanical seal design comes with an oil-filled reservoir is made of carbon/ceramic/Buna-N. This pump has oil-lubricated upper and lower ball bearings. Its motor type is a permanent split capacitor, and the motor includes thermal overload protection.  A 15 feet quick disconnect cord comes with the pump. The disconnect cord includes a plug, pressure grommet for sealing, and strain relief.

    Barnes 087781 Model SFU31

    The Barnes Fountain Pumps under the Barnes Model SFU31 submersible fountain pump come with a special design feature to display decorative waterworks. Its specifications include the HP of 1/3 and RPM of 3450. It operates at 60 Hz, while its Volt/PH is 115/1.

    Barnes Fountain Pumps are UL listed and recognized as the market leader in decorative water applications. The construction is entirely bronze and stainless steel. Depending on the models, they are available in 1/3 to 1 HP units. The units are available in single-phase and 115 V as well as 230 V.

    The Models available include SFU, SF, 3SF-HD, 3SF-L. They can flow to 120 g.p.m and head to 55 feet (16.76 m). The SFU model discharge is through the 1.75-inch hose.

    Zoeller and Barnes company overview

    Zoeller is a well-known, tried, and tested company known for its tough and durable products. It is among the oldest family-based manufacturing company in the U.S. The company makes controls, systems, and submersible pumps for moving and treating water.

    Barnes Pumps, known for durability and reliability, has been in operation since 1895, when the company was founded. Homeowners, plumbing contractors, and engineers continue to depend on Barnes pumps for their quality.

    Pump Products

    Pumps Products is a well-known company as the nation’s foremost supplier of pumps and parts. This company sources and distributes the highest quality pumps, controls, and parts at the lowest prices. The company houses a stock of all major brands.

  • Why You Should Invest in a Reliable Sewage Pump This Year

    By admin February 16, 2021 Uncategorized

    Pro Series sewage pumps and Little Giant Sewage Pumps are some of the biggest names in the industry. But before we get into their products, we need to understand what exactly is a sewage pump and why investing in one is a good idea.

    A sewage pump is used for transporting sewage and any untreated wastewater. While they’re mainly used in plants that treat municipal wastewater, they’re also useful for buildings as well as private homes that don’t connect to the municipal sewer because of the terrain’s natural slope.

    Investing in a high-quality sewage pump is beneficial for a number of reasons:

    • There will be an even flow in the right direction from the sewer line to the main tank. This means that the waste material will go where it needs to.
    • Quick movement of waste prevents any build-up from occurring.
    • A reliable pump will speed up the process of waste removal, making it a more efficient process.
    • If you’ve got a cellar or basement with a bathroom, a reliable sewage pump can direct waste materials upwards into your septic tank.

    Pro Series sewage pumps and Little Giant Sewage Pumps are some reliable options you should consider. Here’s what you need to know about them.

    Pro Series E7040 Series

    Pro Series sewage pumps can handle sewage of 2” diameter solids and have a 2” discharge. It is constructed using cast iron and stainless steel, making it a durable option. Energy efficiency is increased due to its permanent split capacitor. It is equipped with a dynamically balanced cast iron impeller. It has sealed ball bearings in the upper and lower sections. It comes with a 3-year warranty. It is available in a no switch, pump alone model, a 4/10 HP pump model with vertical switches, as well as a 4/10 HP pump model that has tether switches.

    Features and benefits of PHCC Pro-Series E7055-NS

    The Pro Series E7055-NS sewage pump measures 9" in width, 5-7/8" in-depth, and 16-1/2" in height. There is an electroplated steel shaft, and it is made using cast iron, which makes it durable. It has a cast iron impeller and stainless-steel fasteners. It has 1/2 motor HP. It weighs 37 lbs and is capable of handling 2" solids via a 2" discharge. It is rated for continuous duty, making it a long-lasting option.

    Features and benefits of PHCC Pro-Series E7040-NS

    This Pro Series E7040-NS sewage pump comes with a 10-foot power cord. It has permanently lubricated ball bearings in the upper and lower sections. It is capable of handling 2” solids and has a 2” discharge. It has dual carbon and ceramic shaft seals along with a Buna N seal. No cooling oil is needed as it comes equipped with a water-cooled motor. Its motor has a permanent split capacitor, which makes it an energy-efficient sewage pump from Pro Series.

    Little Giant WS Series Sewage Pumps

    Little Giant Sewage Pumps can find applications for residential, agricultural, light industrial, as well as commercial purposes. These submersible pumps are compact and can handle raw sewage well. Automatic reset is possible in the single-phase thanks to the oil- filled motor that has a double ball bearing capacitor. They have switch options to enable them to operate automatically. Their cast iron construction allows for continuous usage. They’re also energy efficient pumps that have a liquid temperature rating of 120 °F.

    Features and benefits of Little Giant 620013

    The Little Giant 620013 Model WS52M, WS Series, sewage pump is dependable when it comes to tough, demanding tasks. It has a 1/2 HP motor that offers protection from overload. It is equipped with a 416 stainless steel motor shaft. It can be efficiently applied to dewatering, sewage and wastewater handling, and effluent waste management. It features an automatic reset and is meant for high torque. It is capable of handling 2" solids.

    Features and benefits of Little Giant 620259

    The Little Giant 620259, Model WS102HAM-12, WS Series sewage pump has a 1 HP motor with 2” NPT vertical discharge. It comes with a piggyback mechanical float. It comes with a 3-year warranty. It has a cast iron motor that is durable and dependable. The automatic reset feature makes handling easy. It is suitable for carrying out tough tasks and continuous duty. It comes with overload protection. Raw sewage can be handled well with this.

    If you’re going to invest in a sewage pump, it might as well be a good one. The above Pro Series sewage pumps and Little Giant Sewage Pumps are great options for you.

    Pro Series

    Pro Series offers a range of products such as sewage pump switches and controllers, standby batteries, sump pumps, specialty pumps, backup pumps, water alarm and accessories, as well as combination pumps.

    Little Giant

    In the water transfer market, Little Giant is a specialist. Their product range includes low- pressure sewer systems, water garden pumps, wastewater, effluent, condensate, sump, sewage, magnetic drive, dewatering, and utility pumps.

    Pump Products

    A nationwide distributor of pumps, electric motors, and pump parts, is committed to delivering quality to customers at affordable prices. Our engineers are ready to help with any doubt you may have if our catalog list doesn’t satisfy you. Get in touch at Tel.: 1800.429.0800

  • Well Pumps You Can Rely On

    By admin January 11, 2021 Uncategorized

    Many of us don’t know how our water reaches us. But well pumps like Zoeller well pumps have a huge role to play in this process. A well pump is a jet pump that is used to pump out water from wells and the underground water table.

    Depending on how deep the well is, a different type of well pump is used. Typically, shorter wells, i.e., under 25ft, can be easily pumped using a suction-based well pump. The pump s placed above the well and is connected to an electric motor that powers a centrifugal pumping process. The atmospheric pressure generated due to the motor pulls up the water into the jet, leading to the discharge station in the building.

    For deeper wells that go much deeper than 25ft, a submersible jet pump is used to help pump the water out. The pump is placed about 10-20ft deep in the well, with a pipe connecting the pump to an impeller outside the well. This pump follows the same principle of suction pumping as a shallow well pump. But in addition to this, the submersible pump uses the impeller to increase the pressure flowing water, to ensure the water quickly reaches the surface.

    Which are the best well pumps that you can rely on?

    When it comes to well pumps, there are two types to consider. Those pumps can satisfy residential needs and commercial water pumping needs. For this, there are only two lines of products that you need to consider:

    • The Sta-Rite CJ series
    • The Zoeller Convertible Jet Pump series

    Let’s look at these two lines of jet pumps in detail, with special emphasis on their best pumps.

    Sta-Rite CJ series

    The Sta-Rite ClearJet Shallow Well Jet Pump series of jet pumps have been designed for wells up to 25ft deep. They are powerful, corrosion-resistant, stainless steel pumps that come with a1 year warranty. This line of Sta-Rite Jet Well Pumps is perfect for residential properties, cottages, and small farmlands.

    The best Sta-Rite Jet Well Pumps to consider are the Sta-Rite CJ90E and Sta-Rite CJ90F.

    Features and benefits of Sta-Rite CJ90E

    • This self-priming shallow well jet pump is perfect for wells below 25ft.
    • It is a 1 HP pump, running on 115/230 volts, with the suction of 1-1/4" NPT and a discharge of 1" NPT. Its max capacity is 18GPM, with a shut-off pressure of 64PSI.
    • The pump and one-piece threaded motor shaft are constructed using super-quality carbon-ceramics and stainless steel and have thermoplastic components that prevent rusting.
    • The motor is made using insulating materials, which protect it from moisture and ensure longer pump-life. Even the ball bearings are permanently lubricated to limit any friction during operation.
    • The diecast rotor is made boats of a superior design that enables water to be pumped efficiently and effortlessly.
    • To protect electrical pump components, the CJ90e Sta-Rite Jet Well Pump comes with a dustproof canopy that prevents any dust from accumulating and causing a safety hazard.

    Features and benefits of Sta-Rite CJ90F

    • Another classic Sta-Rite CJ model, the CJ90F Jet Well Pump, boasts of a polished 304 stainless steel and carbon-ceramic body. This makes it look chic.
    • The high-quality and superior-strength thermoplastic components make the pump strong. The insulated one-piece threaded motor shaft & windings and heavy-duty, shielded ball bearings work together to ensure the Sta-Rite CJ90F model doesn’t experience any moisture. These also prevent corrosion in the long run.
    • The diecast rotor and Noryl impeller offer dynamic and reliable performance. A specially-designed dustproof canopy not only keeps pollutants and dirt out of your well pump but prevents contamination of your components as well.
    • The CJ90F Jet Well Pump is a 1-phase, 1-1/2 HP, 115/230 volts well pump of self-priming design.
    • It has a suction of 1-1/4" NPT and discharge of 1" NPT. Maximum capacity is 18GPM, and maximum TDH is 195ft.
    • This well pump has a pressure switch setting of 40-60PSI and shut-off pressure at 80PSI.

    Zoeller Convertible Jet Pump series

    Zoeller Well Pumps are a top-quality jet pump, designed for both shallow well and deep well applications, up to 70ft deep. All Zoeller Well Pumps are capable of pumping up to 11 gallons/-minute. All Zoeller jet pumps have the option of a two-year warranty.

    The best Zoeller Well Pumps to consider are the Zoeller 462-0006 and Zoeller 463-0006.

    Features and benefits of Zoeller 462-0006

    • The 462-0006 Zoeller Convertible Jet Pump is designed for deep well applications up to 70ft.
    • This 1-phase pump is made of a hardy cast iron construction and comes with a powerful jet pump with a 56-frame NEMA J motor. The Ejector must be purchased separately.
    • The pump operates on 1/2 HP at 115/230 volts and has a discharge pressure of 20-40PSI. There’s a built-in pressure switch to control this pressure.
    • The 462-0006 Zoeller Convertible Jet Pump has a special thermal overload feature that safeguards your pump from overheating and damage.
    • The pump comes with a specially-built watertight seal that prevents deepwater contamination with surface water during pumping.

    Features and benefits of Zoeller 463-0006


    • This Zoeller Convertible Jet Pump is perfect to be used in residential buildings, commercial facilities, farms, and industrial facilities with moderate-to-heavy pump requirements. The Zoeller 463-0006 pump is capable of being used for deep wells up to 70ft.
    • This is a 1-phase motor made of a superior cast iron construction that is coated to prevent corrosion and rusting. It works on a 1HP 56 frame adaptable NEMA J motor on 115/230 volts of power. The NEMA J motor is easily-serviceable.
    • The 463-0006 Zoeller Convertible Jet Pump has a ceramic mechanical shaft seal to prevent pure deep water from mixing with surface contaminants. The pump’s various electrical and non-electrical components are protected from overheating through a thermal overload feature.
    • There is a facility of attaching a removable ejector (ejector not included with the pump). This pump supports a pressure of 20-40PSI and has a suction of 1-1/4” NPT and a discharge of ¾” NPT.
    • A 2-year limited warranty can be added to the pump.

    About Sta-rite

    Sta-rite is a subsidiary of Pentair, a leading provider of smart and sustainable water management solutions. The company has a wide range of water filters, heaters, well pumps, water flow solutions, and water quality accessories.

    About Zoeller

    The Zoeller Company has been one of the premier water management experts in the United States. It is a legacy brand that is the number one submersible pump provider choice for residential and commercial building owners alike.

    About PumpProducts

    PumpProducts is a reputed online marketplace for all residential and commercial submersible pump needs. PumpProducts houses products from multiple award-winning manufacturers and water management experts. PumpProducts is renowned for its quality construction, low prices, and quick delivery.

  • Reliable Well Pumps-No Matter How Deep Your Well is!

    By admin November 30, 2020 Uncategorized

    According to a recent American Housing Survey, the number of private well users in America is about 13 million. While those living in the urban environment may not need a private well, those in rural and remote areas may have wells as their primary water option. In addition, even in urban areas sourcing their water needs underground will need jet pumps or submersible pumps to draw out water.

    Jet pumps are installed above ground. They lift water from the ground by means of a suction pipe. The suction pipe creates a vacuum while an impeller drives out water through a narrow nozzle. Jet pumps need to be primed with flowing water because they need water to pump water.

    Well pumps can be shallow well or deep well pumps. Shallow jet pumps are used for wells up to 25 feet deep, while deep well pumps can go down up to 150 feet. Deep wells typically need a submersible pump.

    The best quality well pumps in the market are Berkeley Well Pump, Berkeley Jet Pump, and Sta-Rite Well pump.

    Features and Benefits of Well Pumps

    Berkeley ProJet SN Series Shallow Well Jet Pumps

    The Berkeley ProJet SN Series Shallow Well Jet Pumps provide outstanding performance with good pressure for wells to 25’ deep. This series is self-priming after the priming chamber has been filled with water. The SN series features a close-grained cast iron body. A drain port is provided for easy winterizing.

    Berkeley 5SN Self-Priming Shallow Well Jet Pump

    The Berkeley 5SN is the best shallow jet pump in the market. This ProJet SN series is manufactured and engineered with a quality close-grained cast iron body. The pumps in this series provide excellent performance for wells to 25 feet deep. It can self-prime when the priming chamber is filled with water.

    Its motor is ½ HP and 115/230 voltage. Its suction pipe is 1 ¼”, and discharge is 1”. The switch setting range is 30-50. Its close-grained cast iron body with a drain port for easy winterizing adds to the quality. It is protected against corrosion and abrasion with its built-in Lexan jet nozzle and venture. The ease of service is facilitated with a cleanout plug.

    It is capable of the highest level of efficiency and performance with a precision-molded Noryl impeller for perfect balance. It primes faster and handles more air with a precision-molded and reinforced diffuser pump and multi-port. Its parts are made of stainless steel, and the mechanical shaft is carbon-ceramic. The continuous water lubrication is guaranteed with its internal design. The motor windings are protected against contamination and moisture with superior insulation materials. Its rotor is dynamically balanced for uniform efficiency and performance. The extended life and quality of quiet, smooth operation come from heavy-duty ball bearings, permanently lubricated and shielded.

    The pump is made corrosion resistant with the stainless steel material. All electrical components are protected from dust, dirt, and insects with a dustproof cover. The pressure switch is of high professional quality with adjustable cut-in.

    This pump finds its applications in farms, cottages, and homes with water systems and sprinklers' requirements.

    The pump comes with a warranty of 12 months from its first installation or 18 months from the manufacture date.

    Berkeley 10SN Self-Priming Shallow Well Jet Pump

    The Berkeley 10SN under ProJet SN series is a shallow well jet pump. This pump has been engineered with the highest quality material of quality close-grained cast iron body. The pumps under the ProJet SN series are designed to provide an excellent level of performance with sufficient pressure to handle wells that are up to 25 feet deep. The pump is capable of self-priming once the priming chamber is filled with water.

    Features and Benefits of Sta-Rite MS Series Vertical Deep Well Jet Pump

    The Sta-Rite MS Series Vertical Jet Pumps meet the industry-standard required of deep well jet pumps that can install “bolt-on” over the well. It includes an external automatic regulator that is pre-plumbed complete with a pressure switch and pressure gauge. You should order a jet package when you purchase an MS series pump. It will have a complete line of casing adaptors to drive the double pipe or the single pipe jet packages. The installations require a casing adapter or adapter flange of appropriate size for the application of bolt-on feature.

    Sta-Rite MSG-7 Vertical Deep Well Jet Pump

    Sta-Rite MSG-7 Vertical Deep Well Jet Pump meet all the industry requirements for deep well jet pumps that require over the well bolt-on installations. These pumps are the best quality pumps in the market, with several features not found in many other similar pumps. It is noted for its trouble-free performance on all deep wells with new, improved stem and guide that are precisely molded. It has a quieter and faster acting design. There is no need to “hunting” for correct drive pressure.

    The pump comes equipped with a pressure switch, pressure gauge, and pre-plumbed external automatic regulator. These pumps will find their irreplaceable use in water systems and sprinkling for farms, cottages, and homes.

    Berkeley and Sta-Rite Company

    Berkeley Pumps have been in operation since 1937. The Berkeley name has stood over decades for uncompromised quality and reliability.

    Sta-Rite Pumps, founded in 1934, manufactures pumps, pressurized water storage tanks, and pump products of proven quality and standard.

    Pump Products

    Pump Products, master pump, and products distributor, sell directly to the industrial and commercial market and contractors. They provide the highest quality pumps and pump parts to customers at the lowest prices.

  • Effluent Pumps That are Perfect for Gray Water Applications

    By admin October 23, 2020 Uncategorized

    Need to replace your effluent pump? Learn why Liberty Effluent Pump 250 Series & Sta-Rite Multistage Submersible Effluent Pump are the best options.

    UN statistics show that every day, over 2 million tons of sewage, agricultural waste and industrial effluents are discharged into the world’s clean water bodies. Without the right technology, effluents can completely degrade local water resources, causing harm to residents and creating operational problems to companies.

    This is where Liberty Effluent Pumps come in handy.

    Effluent pumps come with a special rotating non-clog impeller that helps pass both liquid & solid waste. The design of the impeller depends on the type of effluents to be cleared. The impeller can be in one of four variants – open, semi-open, closed & vortex. This impeller is located inside a stationary housing which is powered by an electric motor. The motor generates Centrifugal force, which acts on the liquid, forcing it out of the discharge.

    Choosing effluent pumps that are perfect for gray water transfer

    Gray water is sewage effluent that hasn’t come in contact with feces and other large, solid wastes. It contains items which are released into water sources from households or companies, such as oils, chemicals, soap particles and septic fluids.

    Effluent pumps can be used to transfer sewage from septic tanks to leach fields. For your gray water effluent pumps to work effectively, they need to be:

    • Of the right material – so they are durable & aren’t reactive to chemicals & septic waste.
    • Of the right size – so they can handle large volumes without overflowing or clogging.
    • Of the right energy efficiency – so they don’t lead to expenses and large carbon footprints.

    Features of the Liberty 250 Series Submersible Effluent Pumps

    Liberty Effluent Pumps are one of the leading manufacturers of submersible effluent pumps for gray water transfer. In particular, the Liberty 250 Submersible Effluent Pump and Liberty 251 Submersible Effluent Pump are highly-versatile and perfect for both individual household & apartment needs.

    Here are some features of these Liberty Effluent Pump 250 Series that you need to know about:

    • These submersible pumps are made of heavy-duty cast iron and they are protected by an epoxy powder coat finish to prevent rusting. The UNI-BODY casting with a power cord that’s quickly disconnectable, make the pumps very easy to use and transport.
    • The pumps come with three switch options that allow you to control the mechanics and operation. These Liberty Effluent Pumps boast of the Vertical Magnetic Float design (VMF) for fitting in smaller pits.
    • The pumps have a hermetically-sealed 1/3 HP motor with a Vortex style impeller and permanently lubricated bearings, which are designed from a cutting-edge engineering polymer that can withstand high temperatures. The pumps can process 1-1/2" liquid discharge and 1/2" solid discharge.
    • The fasteners and 416 rotor shafts on each pump are made from non-corrosive stainless steel, making them highly durable.
    • The Liberty 250 Submersible Effluent Pump and Liberty 251 Submersible Effluent Pump are designed for low-to-mid-range effluent removal and basement de-watering. They come with a 3-year warranty.

    Features of the Sta-Rite ST.E.P Plus D Series Submersible Effluent Pumps

    Another brand of submersible effluent pumps that is equally brilliant is the Sta-Rite effluent pumps ST.E.P Plus D Series. The Sta-Rite ST.E.P Plus D Series of submersible pumps are designed for heavy-duty use. They can be used in residential, agricultural, commercial & industrial settings. They come in 10, 20, and 30 GPM models and are perfect for filtered and aerobic effluent transfer.

    Of the series, the Sta-Rite 20DOM05121+1, 4" Multistage Submersible Effluent Pump is regarded as one of the most robust and powerful gray water pumps. Key features of this pump are:

    • This 4” submersible gray water pump is ideal if you’re looking for an option that is very quiet and almost inconspicuous in its operations. The pump’s excellent "draw-down" capability of 4-1/2” ensures that it functions seamlessly with the building’s other water & sewage control systems. The streamlined design also ensures perfect fitment in pits of all sizes.
    • The pump is constructed with a premium-quality and non-corrosive stainless-steel intake screen, which is capable of processing solid waste up to 0.080" large. The pump’s discharge is made from high-quality thermoplastic reinforced with a 1-1/4" fiberglass. This, coupled with the closed Nylatron shaft-bearing which is self-lubricated, makes the pump highly-durable and protects it from wear & tear.
    • The motor is UL and CSA approved and is double sealed, dry wound, and protected from thermal overload. The pump is highly energy-efficient and consumes 25% less amp-draw to power the motor. The two-wire, 10-foot long, 600 Volt "SJOW" jacketed power cord and leads make the pump very easy to install absolutely anywhere on the property.
    • The pump boasts of the patented, precision-engineered SignaSeal staging system. This is cutting-edge technology that has a wear surface harder than sand ceramic. There's also a floating impeller design that is capable of destroying smaller solid waste completely.

    Company Overview: Sta-Rite & Liberty Effluent Pump

    Part of the expansive Pentair Group, Sta-Rite is a premier Wisconsin-headquartered sewage pump manufacturer. With over 8 decades of experience in the industry, Sta-Rite is one of the most trusted global leaders in effluent pump design.

    Based in Bergen, NY, Liberty Pumps is one of the most reputed manufacturers of effluent pumps in the USA. They have a team of highly-innovative engineers whose innovation is heralding change in the effluent pump market. Today, Liberty Pumps have become a leading supplier for residential and industrial effluent management needs in the world.

    About Pump Products

    Pump Products has a decades-long legacy of supplying premium-quality products across the USA. This includes Liberty Effluent Pumps and Sta-Rite Pumps. They have a vast clientele of residential and industrial buyers. Offering very low prices for some of the world’s leading brands, Pump Products makes Pump purchase absolutely seamless.

  • How to Tell When it's Time for a new Booster Pump

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    As the name implies, booster pumps are designed to boost the pressure of the water flow. The pump's task, such as A Y McDonald Super Booster, is to enhance the pressure to increase water flow. These pumps enable water to move faster. All booster pumps work alike. The principles they work on are the same. Booster pumps work on the centrifugal principle. When your current pump’s pressure and flow rate delivered at individual plumbing fixtures fail to meet the code requirements, then it is time to install a new water booster pump.

    AY McDonald Super Booster Series and Davey Speedman Series

    AY McDonald super booster pumps and the DuraMac booster system have a variety of pressure boosting applications. They are found useful in domestic and commercial applications, including light industrial settings. The A Y McDonald super booster series includes the Super Booster series and the DuraMac booster system. AY McDonald Company is reputed for excellence in the manufacturing process that speaks of the care and craft they have put in.

    Features and Benefits of the AY McDonald Super Booster Series

    AY McDonald super booster series pumps are centrifugal pumps used for general water pressure boosting applications. They are useful in domestic, commercial, and agriculture settings. They have multiple utilities for a variety of tasks, including reverse osmosis, water circulation, spray systems, and filtration. These pumps are found especially useful when the water source is low or slightly above the pump impellers' level. Under these conditions, AY McDonald super booster can efficiently deliver water to higher level ground at a higher pressure. The pump boasts of heavy-duty corrosion-resistant construction to give it a long life. The thermoplastic impellers also add strength and durability to the pump.

    AY McDonald 27000 K Series Super Booster, Centrifugal Pump

    AY McDonald is a super booster centrifugal pump, has a stainless steel body. The model identified in this series is the 27000 K series. It is used for multiple applications, including commercial, residential, and light industrial. This model of pumps is 1/2 HP that operates in the voltage range of 115 to 230 Volts. Their discharge is 1-1/4" FNPT Discharge, and the best efficiency output is 10 GPM flow.

    Features and Benefits of Davey Speedman Series

    This Davey Speedman Series of pumps guarantee low running cost by matching the motor speed with the hydraulic demand. There are several other benefits from the innovative design and technology application in the manufacture of this series of booster pumps. The motor's operating noise is pretty low, while the water flow from the outlets is smooth. There is negligible pressure variation when other outlets remain open. The pump is designed for under, and over-voltage protection and is also protected against prime protection loss. The motor is protected against overload. In the event of a fault, the auto-retry feature becomes active.

    The booster pumps in the Davey Speedman series are horizontal multistage centrifugal pumps with all the hydraulic parts in stainless steel. They are designed corrosion and wear resistance. Their output is nearly noiseless. Their suction is axial, and discharge is vertical. These motors are compact in design and easy to install. The high-efficiency impellers in them are made of stainless steel and provided with strong self-centering impeller rings. The impellers are mounted directly on the motor shaft conveniently designed.

    Davey SMCHM60-10, Speedman Pressure System with Controller and Pump

    Davey SMCHM60-10, Speedman Pressure System with Controller and Pump is quick and easy to install. This pump system is designed for single-phase supply in the range of 220-240V and 50/60 Hz. A power cord of 5 feet and 6 inches comes along with the system. The pump's running cost is brought down significantly with the system's variable speed drive controller capable of matching the motor speed to the hydraulic demand. This innovative technology design's other benefits include lower operating noise, less pressure variation when other outlets are opened, and smooth water flow from outlets. The variable speed control drive and multistage centrifugal are the parts of the same package.

    This horizontal multistage centrifugal pump and its parts are made of stainless steel, making the pump resistant to wear, tear, and corrosion. The system includes a high-efficiency impeller with an impeller profile together with the self-centering neck rings of the impeller, all made of stainless steel. The performance at each stage is maximized with a directly mounted impeller on to the extended motor shaft.

    AY McDonald and Davey's company overview

    AY McDonald Mfg. Co. is a leading name in plumbing, pumps, natural gas, and waterworks products. The company has been in operation since 1856 and distinguished itself with exceptional customer service. The company is recognized for its quality and reliability. The company has several locations with headquarters in Dubuque, IA.

    Davey Pumps has been in existence for 85 years. The company manufactures products to enhance and protect people's lives that include healthy drinking water, perfect pressure, and other water-related products.

    Pump Products' company

    Pump Products is the Master Pump and Parts distributor. The company has held and defended its position as the nation’s number one pump and parts supplier. The company is dedicated to supplying its customers with the highest quality products at the lowest prices.

  • Goulds Effluent Pumps are Built Strong for a Variety of Sump Applications

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    Effluent pumps are used to pump “gray water” or “dirty water” that may contain a limited amount of solid waste. An effluent pump is like a sump pump with a septic effluent pump having greater durability. It can remove water at a greater demanding pace in comparison to a sump pump.

    Features and benefits of Goulds ST31/ST51/ST71 Series Effluent Pumps

    ST31 “SumpThing” Sump Pumps

    Goulds Sump Pumps are specifically designed for effluent transfer and dewatering. It can also perform other tasks like basement draining and water transfer. It is noted that Goulds effluent pumps are meant not just for effluent transfer, but it can also perform a good deal of water transfer tasks.

    This ST31 model of Gould Sump Pumps comes with several features and benefits, including its corrosion-resistant construction and cast iron body, to perform efficiently and sturdily for years. It comes with thermoplastic impeller, and cover and it has a replaceable power cord. The construction and the design elements together with heavy-duty sleeve ball bearings, facilitate movement and reduce noise and vibrations by absorbing friction. The built-in vent hole in the Goulds effluent pumps and Goulds sump pumps prevents air binding without additional effort or a mechanic's intervention.

    The durability and the long-life features of this pump come from its construction material and several other features, including the motor's permanent lubrication. The permanent lubrication gives an extended service life and helps in the pump's continuous operation.

    This pump is compact and portable, along with the feature of heavy-duty. Several layers of carbon, buna, ceramic, and stainless-steel mechanical seal in Goulds effluent pumps and sump pumps ensure the efficient functioning of this pump for years without a breakdown. It has a stainless-steel pipe plug and stainless-steel fasteners adding to the strength of the system.

    Goulds ST71 Submersible Sump/Effluent Pump

    This model of Goulds ST71 sump pump has ¾ horsepower that runs on single-phase and 115 volts. It has 1 ½ NPT discharge that can operate at the maximum 70 GPM. The pump’s maximum head is 37 feet. This heavy-duty compact pump is portable and capable of handling a maximum sphere of ½ inches.

    You can use this pump for many applications, including effluent transfer, water transfer, dewatering, and basement draining.

    Just like other models in the Goulds sump pump series, this model boasts of a cast iron body that is highly resistant to corrosion. The pump has a thermoplastic impeller and cover. The heavy-duty sleeve ball bearing construction of this pump will ensure that the pump continues to run at its peak efficiency without damage and without noise and vibration. The motor's extended service life is further ensured with a permanently lubricated motor that can remain powered for continuous operation. All ratings identified with the model are within the limits that the motor works in.

    Goulds ST51AV, Submersible Sump/Effluent Pump

    There are several models of Goulds Sump Pumps and Goulds Effluent pumps. However, models like ST71 and ST51 can perform both sump and effluent functions efficiently. These operations are not entirely different. This model can not only perform effluent transfer but several other tasks like dewatering, basement draining, and dewatering. This is because Goulds effluent pumps are built strong for a variety of sump applications.

    The model ST51 AV has ½ horsepower to run on 115 volts and 1 phase. Its discharge measures 1 ½ inch of national pipe tapered thread, which is a standard measure for measuring threaded pipes. It can deliver a maximum of 61 GPM at the maximum head of 29 feet. This heavy-duty pump is compact and portable, with the maximum sphere handling capacity of ½ inches.

    Like all other models, this model is also resistant to corrosion and constructed out of cast iron. These features impart it the toughness to handle the coarse works it is capable of performing. Its cover and impeller are thermoplastic. The heavy-duty ball-bearing construction and permanent lubrication of its motor make this pump capable of continuous operation.

    As can be noted, these models of Goulds sump pumps or effluent pumps share the same features. The difference between them lies in their power, GPM, and head capacity. It means you have a choice depending on your needs. As far as the strength, capacity, and durability of these pumps, they are the same in all models. They are also the best you can find anywhere.

    Goulds company

    The Goulds Pumps officially recognize 1848 as their corporate anniversary but Abel Downs founder began making wooden pumps since 1840 in New York.  The company has been the industry leader in innovative technology and design in fluid solutions. The company is the largest manufacturer of pumps used in agriculture, consumer, and several other industries.

    Pumps Products

    Pumps Products is recognized as the nation’s number one supplier of pumps and pump parts. The company supplies electric motors and the highest quality pumps, parts, and controls at the lowest prices. The company stocks all major brands. This company provides the most efficient and dependable pumps, motors, and parts at the best prices anywhere on the market. The company is ready to serve you with sizing and selection.

  • Deming Repair Parts Make Fixing Your Pump Easy

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    A pump has several parts. These include motor adaptor, shaft and shaft seal, backing plate, impeller, and the casing. In some of the pumps, the backing plate comes as a part of the casing, so you have the removable cover. However, these are just some of the key parts of a pump. If you begin listing all parts of a pump, the list would be nearly endless. For instance, there are nearly 300 Deming Repair Parts under DEMINGS 3021 pump repair parts alone, and there are several series of Deming Repair Parts such as 3031, 4001, 5061, and several more.

    Deming has a very high reputation in pump parts. Many Deming pumps had continued to operate for nearly 30 years before they were replaced. Deming repair parts are highly dependable. The Deming products have been in demand from some of the world’s best institutions like the Mount Wilson Solar Observatory that has two telescopes of historical importance, the Hale telescope built in 1908 and the Hooker telescope. In 1911, this facility used a 15HP Deming Triplex pump. This pump continued to operate for nearly 50 years when an upgrade was needed in the old system. The revamped Deming Triplex pump has continued to perform efficiently since then. This is enough of testimony for Deming repair parts.

    Features and Benefits of Deming Repair Parts

    The Deming Repair Parts constitute a mega list, with the implication that you will find nearly everything or anything from a small nut and bolt to a major part that you might need for your pump waiting to be repaired. Deming is also a guarantee of quality and excellence. In other words, they are dependable. You can regain the peace of your mind once you have found the needed part for your pump from the Deming Repair Parts list.

    The Deming Company has over a century and several decades of reputation behind them. It means the products they make meet the same exact specifications that are established standards. If for some reason the Deming part you purchased doesn’t fit into the fix you are trying to make; it means only one thing. It means you made a mistake in the selection. Check up the right name, number, and series, and you are sure to find the same exact piece you are looking for in the list of Deming Repair Parts.

    The Deming repair parts meet all the industry and quality certifications needed. In other words, they are all certified. It means you can be absolutely sure of the material and quality used in the manufacturing of the parts.


    Deming 3021 series is not a complete list of all Deming repair parts. It includes things like cap screw, pipe plug, coupling key, ball bearing, impeller bolt, and hundreds of different things. Also, this list is not just a list of diverse parts occurring once. There could be several different types of the same product. The differences could be in their quality and specifications, each of them identified by their specific number. For instance, Deming 0000342, 0000397, 0000431 are all cap screws, but they all have a size and other specifications.


    Deming 3031 series lists the cap screw of the size 1/4"x1/2". Within this series, this product is numbered Deming 0000342. The listed product has been specified for frame size and the model and series to be used.

    The last product on this list is Std. Shaft Sleeve with the Deming number 0075358. This can be used with the model 4111 and several series including 3031, 3131 and 3132, and several more. There are hundreds of products between the first and the last.


    The first product in this Deming 1004 series list is Pipe Plug. Pipe plugs find their uses not just in a pump but also in a large number of industries. They are used as cap end of fraction tubes. These are designed to end the flow and are cost-effective in plugging up a pipe. The pipe plug under this list is numbered Deming 0000018. The next product on the list is also a pipe plug listed under the number 0000019. However, the two differ in their specifications. The pipe plug under Deming 0000019 is 1/4"-Brass that can be used in a large number of pumps of different sizes.


    The list in this 5061 series contains diverse products like pipe plug, cap screw, coupling key, frame pipe plug, air cock, stud, casing assembly, and hundreds of other products. A cap screw is a long-threaded bolt. Its purpose is to fasten machine belts and is different from a bolt.


    This Deming 7560 series list contains hundreds of products beginning with Hex Nut-Steel-5/16", Cap Screw listed under Deming 0000113. The last product in the series is Casing, 6 Frame Size-H for the pump size 8x8x15x3. This product is listed under Deming 0072689.

    Deming Company

    Deming is a part of Crane Pumps and Systems founded in 1855. The company has been at the forefront of innovations over 150 years. The company has several brands including Barns, Deming, Burks, Crown, Prosser, and Weinman.

    Pump Products

    Pump Products Company is a national pump distributor and a discount supplier. The company is invested 100% into delivering pump solutions. You can call the company’s sales counter directly at 1-800-429-0800 for all queries on Deming repair parts.

  • Improve Your Systems Efficiency with Franklin Electric Submersible Well Pumps

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    A submersible pump, also called sub-pump, is a device to push fluid to the surface. It has a hermetically sealed motor. The device is in the fluid that is to be pumped out. Submersible pumps and jet pumps may perform the same function, but the principle they work on is different. Jet pumps rely on atmospheric pressure and create a vacuum. You can improve your system’s efficiency with Franklin electric submersible well pumps.

    J-Class Sandhandler High-Capacity 4" Series Submersible Deep Well Pumps

    Franklin Electric submersible well pumps of J-Class 4-Inch in the category of high capacity come in four performance ranges from 35 to 90 GPM with 45 and 60 GPM in between to give you a wide choice depending on your needs. There are several other features of Franklin electric submersible well pumps such as 2-inch National Pipe Thread (NPT) discharge.

    These pumps may or may not have an internal check valve depending on the model. It is made of stainless steel and is wafer styled. The motor bracket and discharge head of stainless steel come along with the pump.

    The pump works at its maximum output. The functioning of this category of Franklin electric submersible well pumps is quite efficient, as already stated. In fact, it surpasses all standards of energy efficiency. These technological edge and excellence have been possible with high flow hydraulic staging. It also allows for enhanced product longevity.

    A most often cited complaint with submersible pumps is sand wear. However, Franklin electric submersible well pumps take absolute care to address this problem with rubber discharge bearing and ceramic shaft sleeve meant to eliminate the sand wear.

    When pumps have to operate on a high horse and high-performance constructions, the shaft needs to be stable. The stable shaft gives a greater efficiency to the pump. J-Class 4-Inch high capacity pumps have intermediate bearing to provide shaft stability. Improved performance and efficiency to these pumps also come from hub seals and impeller eye. This pump's strength and durability come from stainless steel shaft coupling, shell, and hex pump shaft efficient functioning, even undress stress and tough conditions.

    While most other Franklin electric submersible pumps have the features outlined above, the 35 to 90 GPM models have the added feature of high capacity upthrust assembly. This feature is meant to protect the pump during start-up and operation. Franklin’s 4” corrosion-resistant submersible motors are designed for optimal performance and efficiency.

    Franklin Electric 92526052, Model 35JS1S4-3W230, 4" Submersible Well Pump

    If you are looking for a new submersible pump or any other pump for your needs, the choice can be overwhelming from centrifugal to the submersible. However, if you note the benefits of Franklin Electric 92526052, Model 35JS1S4-3W230, 4" Submersible Well Pump, you may find some unique advantages that you could have been looking for. These pumps are convenient to use because priming is not required.

    The Model 35JS1S4-3W230 of 4" Submersible Well Pump like other J class pumps come in four performance ranges identified above. This would easily help you with a wide range of well depths. Greater pressure and hence more stages may be required for the deeper well. Franklin has created efficient pump designs to match the number of stages with a small flow range.

    The pumps have a motor bracket and stainless steel discharge head. The manufacturers have ensured maximum efficiency for this class of pumps.

    Franklin Electric submersible well pumps have the feature of high flow stage impellers made possible with Noryl® in a glass-filled version. The sand wear is eliminated with the application of rubber discharge and ceramic shaft sleeve. You also get increased shaft stability with these Franklin electric submersible well pumps.

    The other advantages of Franklin Electric 92526052, Model 35JS1S4-3W230, 4" Pump include:

    • High performance and exceptional efficiency with hub seals and floating eye
    • 2” NPT discharge tapping
    • Stainless steel hex pump shaft, shell, and shaft coupling
    • Franklin corrosion-resistant 4” submersible motors to power the system
    • High capacity upthrust assembly meant to protect at the time of start-up and during the operation available with all models in this range except 30 GPM
    • The check valve is also available, but you need to order it separately

    Franklin Electric Company

    Franklin Electric Company, with its global presence, is the global leader in the industry. The company manages the movement of water and fuel. The company manufactures and distributes its products and systems all over the world. The company offers motors and pumps, drives, and controls with wide applications in commercial, residential, industrial, municipal, and agricultural settings

    Pump Products

    Pump Products are the nation’s number one master stocking distributor pumps, pump parts, and electric motors. The company has extensive experience in pumps and motors products that it brings to the national market. The company's experts focus on researching and selecting the best products on the market to provide their customers with the most efficient and dependable products. For assistance, price quotes, and to place your order, you can call the company's sales counter at 800-429-0800.

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