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  • What are Solid Handling Pumps and Their Types

    By admin September 9, 2022 Uncategorized

    If you are in the industrial domain, you would know the handling difficulties related to abrasive slurries. These slurries are commonly developed during manufacturing, dredging, and even mine tailings.

    While these slurries can be annoying, you must be wondering how to deal with them. The answer is solid handling pumps.

    Crown solid handling pumps are centrifugal end-suction pumps that can be used for handling slurries. These pumps are also efficient for several other purposes, including wastewater application, flood control, and dewatering.

    What are Solid Handling Pumps?

    Solid handling pumps are designed with volute-type casing, impeller, and large internal clearances to create a pump design that ensures smooth passage of wastewater solids. These are formed with open impellers that are ideal for handling different types of solids, whether longer/larger. Its sturdy design and discrete features make it ideal for easy pumping and transporting fluids with a mixed concentration of solids.

    Features and Benefits of Solid Handling Pumps

    Solid handling pumps are made of several useful features and benefits, including the following:

    • An alternative impeller that prevents any clogging
    • Metal structure to prevent corrosion or abrasion
    • Recessed impellers (for easy passage of large solids)
    • Can be fitted with grinders/cutters to reduce the size of the solid
    • Ensures easy pumping of solids through small size
    • Ideal for industrial waste application and unscreened raw sewage
    • It can be used for municipal purposes like lift stations, digesting sludge, and sewage treatment

    Crown Pumps PO10LA-14X Series, PO10LA-16X Series, PO2LA-6C Series, PO3LA-7B Series

    While Crown solid handling pumps are recognized for their several models, the four most famous series are listed below:

    PO10LA-14X Series: The PO10LA-14X series of Crown solid handling pumps are made with cast iron construction and two open impellers (vane-ductile iron). It also comes with carbon steel shafts and has corrosion-resistant hardware for long-term use. The PO10LA-14X series is best for both industrial and municipal applications.

    PO10LA-16X Series: The Crown PO10LA-16X series is an engineered self-priming centrifugal pump that's useful for light to heavy-duty wastewater. It is secured with cast iron construction with two vane-ductile iron open impellers and a single mechanical seal. The seal is grease lubricated (Buna, carbon, and ceramic).

    PO2LA-6C Series:  Crown PO2LA-6C series is another model series of the collection with a pump that has

    2" NPT female suction and discharge. It's useful for dealing with 1-1/4" spherical solids and ensuring better waste flow.

    PO3LA-7B Series: Crown PO3LA series self-priming solids handling pumps are made with 3" NPT suction and discharge. The model has similar features as other series and works flawlessly to handle waste solids.

    Crown Pumps Company

    Manufactured by the Crane, Crown Pumps are industry-leading producers of pumps for wastewater and dewatering applications. They are known for selling affordable, efficient, and best-in-class self-priming models with unmatched performance. Their pumps are renowned for a power-packed efficiency of 4,400 Gallons per minute and solid handling potential of 3 inches.

    Speaking of Crane, it was founded in the year 1855 by Richard Teller Crane, who, with his seamless experience and commitment, has encouraged the company to come a long way.

    Their efficient team maintains long-term customer relationships through unique and responsive services. The company aims to improve continuously and dominate the pump industry with its superb services.

    Crane Pumps & Systems has several brands under them, including Barnes, Deming, Burks, Prosser, Weinman, and Crown. They design, manufacture, and engineer the products domestically in Piqua, Ohio. In fact, they have been a part of the Piqua community since 1965.

    The company has given back to the community with several philanthropic activities and jobs. Every year, their employees get the opportunity to nominate charity agencies that help people in need. They offer donation checks to local 501(c)3 classified agencies through Crane Fund for Widow and Children.

    Besides that, they have everything planned under the same roof. This means whether it's customer service, sales, or operations, everything happens in one place. The entire working principle ensures a balance between product quality and quick/effective customer service.

    Moving forward, Crown Pumps is popular for offering reliable products that are engineered to last. They are recognized for the self-priming solids handling pumps that are ideally designed for wastewater, raw sewage, and Industrial waste.

    Moreover, they also offer self-priming pumps (B Models) that are created for general or special industrial applications. Pump Products is a proud distributor of its solid handling pumps.

    Pump Products

    Are you looking for the best Crown solid handling pumps for use? If yes, then Pump Products is the answer for you! We have a range of top-rated and high-quality Crown pumps to serve customers across the US.

    We have a team of experts (both customer representatives and engineers), so you can get the pump you always wanted. Not only that, the cost of these pumps is quite reasonable. So, you could purchase the pumps according to your budget.

    To further know about our products and us, contact 1-800-429-0800. We will be delighted to help you!

  • Things to Know Before Buying the Hydromatic Pumps

    By admin September 9, 2022 Uncategorized

    In most residential areas, the biggest struggle for people is drainage. Nobody likes a flooded home or basement, after all! But, in most cases, proper drainage requires adequate remodeling of the area, which could be a tough task to do.

    Thankfully, there is a method by which you can add proper drainage to your home without the hassle of remodeling. Wondering how? Through Hydromatic pumps.

    Hydromatic pumps are useful for basement sumps, dewatering, and light effluent. It comes in both manual as well as automatic models with adequate durability for long-term use.

    How Does Hydromatic Pumps Works??! - Hydromatic Pumps Features and Benefits!

    Hydromatic pumps work by removing water from any area (say, the basement) and transferring it to some other place. These pumps secure the foundation and prevent any damage to the area. Most of the time, the extracted water is transferred to the municipal drain.

    Like any other sump pump, Hydromatic sump pumps work on the basic principle where the pump switch identifies if the water level is rising too high. Once the water level exceeds, the switch gets activated, and the pump turns on. It then flows the water through the discharge pipe and transfers it to an area away from the foundation.

    Most sump pumps have primary pumps that are in-built. But, they also have a backup pump that operates on water or battery. This backup pump comes into use during any power outage.

    Hydromatic sump pumps are created for application in small-diameter sump pumps. Their durability and authenticity make them one of the best brands for sump pumps in the market. While the specifications may vary as per model, Hydromatic pumps offer several features and benefits, including the following:

    Features and Benefits of Hydromatic Sump Pumps

    • Carbon ceramic mechanical shaft
    • Oil-filled motor with automatic reset option
    • Keeps the motor protected from thermal overload
    • Piggyback electrical plug
    • Easy to use and install
    • ⅓ horsepower
    • Adequate temperature rating
    • Fast motor speed
    • Decent voltage rating, frequency rating, and flow rate
    • Longer pump life
    • Easy maintenance
    • Cost-efficient

    Hydromatic Pumps Company Overview

    Hydromatic pumps are a national leader of best-in-class products in the wastewater pump industry. The company is known for making the most outstanding and diverse lines of submersible wastewater sump pumps, Hydromatic sewage pumps, and other varieties for handling effluents, grinders, and large solids. Pump Products proudly stocks a vast range of Hydromatic submersible pumps to deliver across the US.

    Hydromatic pumps are ideal for several municipal, residential, and commercial sectors. They aim to market their services/products to professionals with their long-term expertise.

    The best thing about Hydromatic pumps is that they are engineered to last. In simple terms, they have constructed efficiently that products are durable for long-term use. Besides, their R&D customer-certified testing assures you of the product quality for a confident purchase.

    Back in 1959, with their versatility, Hydromatic pumps were considered a pump-selling firm that was going strong. With each year, they grew up to become a recognized pump manufacturer with higher sales and distribution. Although they started off in an old highway garage at Hayesville, Ohio, their dedication made them bigger and better with more pump varieties.

    By 1969, an organization called Weil-McLain Company, Inc. recognized the potency of Hydromatic pumps. Thus, they decided to acquire the company. This was a good turning point for Hydromatic pumps as this change increased their business significantly.

    In fact, their business improved so much that, to meet the demands, they had to construct a $3.0 million facility in Ashland. The facility was around 250,000 square feet (manufacturing and office area) located on a 25-acre site.

    By the year 1980, Marley entered the history of Hydromatic pumps. They purchased Wylain, Inc. of Dallas, Texas, along with its other subordinate companies, i.e., Red jacket and Hydromatic. Later on, both these companies merged to become the Marley Pump company, offering a vast range of products.

    In 1989, Aurora pump company bought Hydromatics. A new group called General Signal Pump Group was formed with the acquisitions of Fairbanks Morse and Layne Bowler. Later, after nine years, the group was purchased by Pentair, Inc.

    At present, Hydromatic pumps are going strong. They are manufacturing several feature-rich pumps to meet customer demands and stay committed to delivering quality products in the near future.

    Pump Products

    Pump Products is renowned for selling the top-rated Hydromatic pumps across the US and its territories. We are associated with names like Pentair, Goulds, Liberty, Baldor, Marathon Motors, Leeson, etc., so our clients can get the products they want.

    The cost for our pumps and other products is affordable too. And regardless of your demand, we assure you of delivering the pumps quickly. So, what's with the wait? Connect with our experts today. You can easily contact us through our toll-free number, 1-800-429-0800. We will get back to you instantly.

  • Know More About Armstrong Astro Series Re-Circulation Pumps

    By admin September 9, 2022 Uncategorized

    Everyone knows the importance of water and how scarce it's getting day by day. With such a shortage, it's our duty to stop wasting water and ensure an adequate supply for everyone's use. Thankfully, several technologies have been developed to reduce water wastage, and recirculation pumps are one of them.

    Recirculation pumps are best-in-class products that are designed to ensure that hot water is available close to the consumption point. This is useful as you can access hot water whenever you need it and not waste them unnecessarily.

    Armstrong recirculation pumps available in multiple categories (Astro 2 series and Astro express 2 series) are designed to keep the hot water flowing through the system. They are exclusively manufactured to fulfill every residential area's needs and ensure that hot water is accessible at every tap.

    Know More About Armstrong Astro Series Re-Circulation Pumps - Features and Benefits!

    Armstrong Astro series pumps are created for transferring water into three-pipe plumbing installations. It has the efficiency to circulate the hot water and ensure water availability. These models are designed to save about 12,000 gallons annually for a family of four. Similarly, as per their Astro 2 series and Astro express 2 series pumps, some other benefits and features include:

    • Easy installation and reliability
    • Stainless steel circulator pump
    • Pump shaft and bearings made of ceramics
    • Plastic internal components with EPDM o-rings
    • Designed to meet the building code requirement
    • Housing of forged ECO brass with Noryl cap
    • Lead content is 0.25% or less on the wet surface
    • Decent flow and working pressure
    • Cost-effective
    • Easy to use and maintain
    • Highly efficient and satisfactory performance

    Armstrong Company Overview

    Armstrong Fluid Technology is a leading manufacturer and innovator of engineering intelligent fluid-flow equipment. It has over 1200 employees across the world, working as a team to offer the best services to the customers. Their services aim to combine hardware and intelligence to offer integrated building energy solutions. Their core competencies revolve around demand-based control, fluid flow, heat transfer, and digitalization.

    As a company, its objective is to provide top-notch performance, flawless designs, and flexibility with its products. In fact, they are also renowned for reasonable costs and negligible operation risks.

    The company was established back in 1934 by Samuel Allan Armstrong. By 1952, under James A. Armstrong, they came up with initiatives that helped them grow even more. In their 80 years of business, they evolved with advanced technologies to offer more sales and better operations.

    Armstrong is also very considerate of their surrounding environment. That's why, in the year 2013, they started their sustainable journey with a charter called Planet Proposition. Their leadership board signed the charter with champions across all their locations, including the US, Canada, China, India, and the UK.

    By the year 1958, Armstrong became the largest producer of centrifugal pumps in Canada, and by 1966, they started their operations in the US. Fast forward to 2010, Armstrong Holden Brooke Pullen and Armstrong Integrated Systems Limited combined to become one company called Armstrong Integrated limited.

    Although the company is renowned for many products, the Armstrong Astro Series recirculation pumps are quite a best seller. Their high-end performance with diverse features and specifications makes them popular among customers. Pump Products stocks the best Armstrong recirculation pumps, including their feature-rich Astro series which is designed to save water.

    Presently, Armstrong considers their rich and diverse history as the reason behind their long-term expertise and participation in the industry. They have grown up to become better than before, but their original commitment to serving their customers with their best abilities remains unchanged.

    Pump Products

    Pump Products houses an extensive stock of Armstrong Astro series recirculation pumps across the United States and its territories. We have 100% invested our time in offering the best solutions in the pump, generator, and electric motor industry. Besides, we have also trained our team to solve any of your pump-related queries, so you can ask us questions anytime!

    If you want urgent delivery to your home, our overnight delivery is for you! It will ensure that you get the product ASAP. Also, we offer cost-effective rates for our range of products, so you wouldn't have to spend much on your favorite products. Our payment methods are secure, with options like Visa, Master Card, Discover, and PayPal.

    To know more about us, you can call us at 1-800-429-0800. We are waiting to help you!

  • Get to Know Baldor Explosion Proof Motors

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    When you work in a hazardous location, you have risks associated with the equipment operations. That's because you never know when the motors can interact with the risky environment of dust, fibers, and other flammable gas and cause havoc! So, how do you resolve such situations? Through explosion proof motors!

    Baldor explosion proof motors are designed with features that ensure efficient operations in dangerous locations, especially the ones that are more prone to ignition. As a result, they are quite commonly used in oil rigs, chemical processing factories, and mines.

    Baldor Explosion Proof Motors: Features and Benefits!

    Baldor explosion-proof motors are available in multiple categories, including the drill rig duty motorsgeneral-purpose motors, and severe duty, 1.15 SF motors. Each product is built for exceptional performance and long service life, even in harsh conditions.

    The drill rig duty motors are efficient for use in offshore oil drilling rigs, bulk fuel terminals, and transfer stations with hydrogen sulphide in the atmosphere. Similarly, the severe duty motors are designed to protect the outer surface from moisture and vibration.


    • Cast iron, heavy-gauge steel construction
    • labyrinth shaft singers installed on either side of motors, especially in severe duty motor modelsCorrosion-resistant, epoxy finish60 Hz and 50 Hz data included


    The division 1 enclosure in the drill rig duty motor ensures that the explosion is inside and not in the outer environment.

    • Useful for humidity applications that need a 1.15 service factor
    • Suitable for fixed speed and sine wave only operations
    • Its application includes fans, compressors, pumps, conveyors, and gear reducers
    • Valuable overall cost and maintenance cost
    • Easy to use and maintain

    Baldor Motors Overview

    Baldor is one of the greatest manufacturers of high-quality NEMA motors designed for delivering reliability and efficiency. They are backed by a global sales and support network to deliver a world-class customer experience.

    The company aims to be the best designer, manufacturer, and service provider of products, like motors, generators, and mechanical power transmission products. Also, their list of association members is diverse, with names like ABMA (American Bearing Manufacturers Association), AMM (American Metal Market), ASQ (American Society for Quality), and more.

    Baldor is known for its diverse varieties of the motor. Whether it's AC motors for general purpose, severe duty, wash duty, etc., or grinders, buffers, and lathes, customers have several options to choose from. They also provide advanced services like smart sensors for hazardous areas. All in all, they are focused on crucial industries like HVAC, mining, food, beverage, water, and wastewater.

    Among their many products, one of their best sellers is the Baldor explosion-proof motors. Their Baldor explosion-proof motors are designed to achieve decent motor performance without negotiating safety throughout the life cycle. It also has several other categories for explosion-proof motors like general-purpose motors, severe duty motors, drill rig duty motors, pump motors, brake motors, and submersible/immersible pump motors. Pump products are well-known distributors of efficient Baldor motors, including explosion-proof models.

    The company is devoted to an energy-efficient movement. Their drives, generators, motors, and integrated powertrain solutions aim for a low-carbon future in industries, infrastructure, transportation, and cities. Also, as they are globally sound, they are connected to the customers for the long term.

    Baldor aims to augment the product lifestyle and improve energy efficiency for the best overall motor solutions with their services.

    One of the best things about Baldor motors is that they are warranted against defects in workmanship and materials. Their warranty service is accessible through several locations, including their headquarters, i.e., Fort Smith, Arkansas. You can check their service center locations by visiting their official website.

    With its outstanding range of products, Baldor is chosen by top industry OEMs as a world-class feed mill. Customers have considered them manufacturers of relevant and "built-to-last" products.

    Pump Products

    Are you looking for high-quality Baldor explosion-proof motors to use? If yes, then Pump Products is the answer for you!

    We have extensive experience in sales of motors, pumps, and replacement parts, to bring you the best-known products at a reasonable price. Also, our connection with major brands like Baldor, Marathon Motors, Leeson, and Generac, among many others, makes us a prominent name in the industry.

    While we are stocked with all relevant products, even if you don't get an item in stock, we will get them delivered from the manufacturer. So you wouldn't be empty-handed.

    For more details, you can dial our contact number 1-800-429-0800. Our experts will assist you instantly!

  • Boshart Controls Well Pumps: Features and Benefits

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    You have a well at your home, but you don't know how to draw water from it. You keep pulling the rope, but it's too heavy for you to lift. It seems a hectic task as, after so much effort, the water doesn't seem enough for your use.

    If these are your concerns, then you might need a good well pump. Well pumps are a type of water pump that can be used for extracting potable water from wells and springs to your home. It can cut down the hassle of using pulleys or ropes to draw water from the well and ensure a steady supply of fresh and clean water.

    Boshart controls well pumps are the best-in-class products for shallow pump application. Its useful specifications are excellent for a wide variety of applications, including marine, industrial, irrigation, and leisure.

    Boshart Controls Well Pumps: Features and Benefits

    Being a popular brand in the pump industry, Boshart controls well pumps offer the best-selling features and benefits. Their products are secured with the best water pressure, GPH (Gallons per hour) rates, and Psi ratings. So, you know, they are the right choice for you!

    Manually Operated Pumps: Boshart controls well pumps are manually operated pumps, which means they require human strength to withdraw water from the well. Such pumps are versatile and durable solutions for collective water supply.

    Heavy Cast Iron Exterior: It's made with a high-quality heavy cast iron exterior for fair resistance against corrosion. Cast iron exterior can ensure a sturdy design and withstand thermal shock to prevent any dimensional changes.

    Hard Enamel Paint Finish: Some of the Boshart controls well pumps have an enamel paint finish with stain-resistant properties. It provides a glossy exterior to pump and secures it from any hard wear.

    High Efficiency and Easy Installation: The well pumps are popular for offering the best performance and working efficiency for water extraction. They are also easy to install, so you wouldn’t have to go through all the complex processes of pump installation.

    Good Vertical Height and Reasonable Cost: Boshart controls well pumps can withdraw water to a greater height. They also offer the greatest features at an affordable price, which means you wouldn’t be spending a fortune on your well pumps.

    Depth ratings: Additionally, Boshart controls well pumps are also known for their good depth ratings. Their Boshart BII Pitcher hand pump, for example, has a depth rating of 25 feet, which is quite decent.

    Boshart Controls Pumps

    Boshart Industries was established in Ontario, Canada. They are one of the best makers and sellers of plumbing/water well accessories and are popular for offering pro-certified products. Boshart Industries sells its products exclusively to wholesale distributors across Canada and the US.

    On completing their 65 years, Gary Boshchart, the founder and chairperson of the Boshart Group, talked about how their business began. According to him, the business was started by his father, a mechanically inclined man. In 1983, the company decided to move to Wellesley and sell their installation business (which they did in 1990). The main reason behind it was to expand their wholesale, manufacturing, and import business. The company then outgrew its building and moved to Milverton, where they are currently headquartered. Mel Boshart & Son. It changed its name to Boshart Industries in the early 1990s.

    Borsch Industries aims to set its standard high and deliver products that simplify customers' lives. They are introducing useful strategies in their services, like product training, to educate customers about the working mechanism of products through blogs and webinars.

    To mention the Boshart control categories, the company is surely beyond just pumps. Whether it's basic requirements like ripe, tape, and sealants or sump pump discharge, their inventories are filled with everything one can ask for. At present, Pump Products houses the best Boshart controls well pumps to deliver across the country.

    Pump Products

    If you want the best Boshart controls well pumps in the US, then Pump Products is the right option for you. We are a well-stocked distributor for pumps, electric motors, and pump parts. Our experts research and choose the highest quality products to bring you an efficient variety of pumps. Also, our qualified system engineers can take care of all pump-related inquiries that you may have. Pump Products is also an affordable and quick delivery service provider. Regardless of the brand you choose, you will get pumps within your budget.

    If you want to know more about us, you can call us at 1-800-429-0800. You can also check our Boshart controls well pumps and other pump collections by visiting our website. Feel free to reach us anytime!

  • Know About Red Lion Transfer Pumps |

    By admin June 14, 2022 Uncategorized

    Transfer pumps are widely used in various industries. Today we will learn about transfer pumps, what they are, how they function, and more. We will also talk about the leading transfer pump manufacturer in the world - Red Lion. Without further ado, let's begin.

    What is a transfer pump?

    As the term suggests, transfer pumps carry (or transfer) fluid from one location or container to another. It has widespread application in the industrial sector. Be it transferring gasoline from one tank to another or transferring out of flooded areas, and a transfer pump does it all.

    When choosing a transfer pump, the only thing you need to be mindful of is the type of liquid that would be transferred with the pump. Even basic transfer pumps do the job for thinner liquids, like water. You might need a more advanced transfer pump for more viscous fluids, like oil.

    Other things to keep in mind, such as power source availability. A high-capacity power source enables the use of more advanced transfer pumps. On the other hand, a regular power source may not be able to handle different variations of transfer pumps.

    How transfer pumps work

    Transfer pumps use a simple difference in pressure to transfer liquid from one place to another. There are transfer pumps for different scales. It can be used in both industrial environments and even domestic setups. Be it for agricultural use or manufacturing use, transfer pumps do it all.

    Transfer pumps need nothing more than a power source to run. The power source can be a battery as well, but direct power increases the pumps' capability. When looking for a new transfer pump, you must also know about the best manufacturers. One such company is Red Lion, and let's talk about the brand behind the best transfer motors now.

    Red Lion Transfer Pumps

    Red Lion is a renowned pump manufacturing company based in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Among other things, the company is widely known for manufacturing premium pumps at affordable prices. Today Red Lion stands as one of the best pump manufacturers in the country. Though there are other brands in the space, none of them have earned the credibility and reputation of Red Lion. When looking for a new transfer pump, there's no reason to look beyond Red Lion.

    Transfer pumps are widely used in various industries. Today we will learn about transfer pumps, what they are, how they function, and more. We will also talk about the leading transfer pump manufacturer in the world - Red Lion. Without further ado, let's begin.

    What is a transfer pump?

    As the term suggests, transfer pumps carry (or transfer) fluid from one location or container to another. It has widespread application in the industrial sector. Be it transferring gasoline from one tank to another or transferring out of flooded areas, and a transfer pump does it all.

    When choosing a transfer pump, the only thing you need to be mindful of is the type of liquid that would be transferred with the pump. Even basic transfer pumps do the job for thinner liquids, like water. You might need a more advanced transfer pump for more viscous fluids, like oil.

    Other things to keep in mind, such as power source availability. A high-capacity power source enables the use of more advanced transfer pumps. On the other hand, a regular power source may not be able to handle different variations of transfer pumps.

    How transfer pumps work

    Transfer pumps use a simple difference in pressure to transfer liquid from one place to another. There are transfer pumps for different scales. It can be used in both industrial environments and even domestic setups. Be it for agricultural use or manufacturing use, transfer pumps do it all.

    Transfer pumps need nothing more than a power source to run. The power source can be a battery as well, but direct power increases the pumps' capability. When looking for a new transfer pump, you must also know about the best manufacturers. One such company is Red Lion, and let's talk about the brand behind the best transfer motors now.

    Red Lion Transfer Pumps

    Red Lion is a renowned pump manufacturing company based in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Among other things, the company is widely known for manufacturing premium pumps at affordable prices. Today Red Lion stands as one of the best pump manufacturers in the country. Though there are other brands in the space, none of them have earned the credibility and reputation of Red Lion. When looking for a new transfer pump, there's no reason to look beyond Red Lion.

    Buy Red Lion transfer pumps at is the only shop you need for all your motor and pump needs. It also happens to be one of the most reliable sellers of Red Lion transfer pumps. There are 14 different categories of Red Lion pumps at PumpProducts, and you can choose from any of them.

    Buying a pump or motor is never easy, but PumpProducts makes the task easy for customers by providing high-quality assistance and amazing after-sales support. You can call them at 1-866-570-1781 or ask for a quote online. Get the perfect transfer pump for you at

  • Amtrol Tanks Booster Pumps - Features and Benefits!

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    Living with low water pressure can be quite troublesome, making simple everyday tasks a hassle. Something that can be very useful in solving these water pressure-related issues is a booster pump. If you want to resolve the water pressure situation in your facility, Amtrol Tanks Booster Pumps can be a great choice. Read on to find out the features and benefits of Amtrol Booster Pumps.

    There can be times when you notice an apparent drop in the flow of water when you operate two different plumbing systems simultaneously. What you need in this case are Amtrol Tanks Booster Pumps.

    Amtrol Booster and Pressure Pumps help increase the water pressure in single and multiple-family buildings. The pumps are engineered to increase the water pressure by almost 50 PSIG (max). This not only adds to your comfort but also improves the performance of your appliances.

    Amtrol provides trusted quality in every component of the pumping system. The company has designed high-performance booster pumps specifically for houses where the water pressure cannot meet the minimum standards for basic activities. The Amtrol Tank Booster Pumps support a minimum flow pressure of 10 psi. They also come with stainless steel pump components and connections, ensuring they remain corrosion-resistant even in the harshest conditions. The digital control in these pumps allows for greater accuracy and pump protection, while the thermal sensor and cut-off switch help inefficient operation. When you buy Amtrol Tanks Booster Pumps, you can be assured of the highest quality and longevity.

    Amtrol 2201-37, RP-10HP, 14 Gal Residential Pressuriser

    Pump Products currently stocks the following Amtrol Tanks Booster Pumps –

    Amtrol Tanks Booster Pumps Features:

    1. Powerful Motor designed for efficient and quiet operation.
    • Corrosion Resistant for Extra Long Life.
    • Trimmed impellers for performance maximization.
    • Rewiring capacity to 230 VAC. Pre-wired to 150 VAC
    1. Well Tank (Well-X-Trol)
    • Works with 150 PSIG water pressure.
    • Antimicrobial Liner and patented turbulator.
    • DuraBase Composite Stand.
    1. Pump Control and Protector (Guardian CP)
    • Comes with real-time system diagnostics
    • Digital pressure gauge.
    1. Performance
    • Max Working Pressure – 100 PSIG
    • Max Operating Temperature – 200 degrees F
    • Motor – ½ HP
    • Max Relief Valve Setting – 75 PSIG
    • Max Differential – 55 PSIG; Min Differential – 10 PSIG
    • Warranty – 2 years

    Amtrol Tanks Boost Pumps Applications:

    • Best for single and multi-family houses.
    • Increases water pressure by 50 PSIG (max).
    • Developed specifically for city water-boosting applications.

    Amtrol Tanks Boost Pumps Benefits:

    • High-speed delivery.
    • Powerful and faster water flow from shower fixtures.
    • Use appliances simultaneously.
    • Improves the efficiency of home appliances.
    • Dishwasher performs better.
    • Better coverage in irrigation/turf system.

    Amtrol Company Overview

    When the foundation of Amtrol was first laid in 1946, it was built on the simple concepts of quality, innovation, and service. The company is widely known to be instrumental in redefining the hydronic heating system. In 1954, the company launched the first-ever diaphragm expansion tank that was pre-pressurized, the Extrol. This Extrol system was designed to increase energy efficiency in heating and circulating operations while controlling the system pressure.

    In the years following the invention of Extrol, the company invented the world’s first pre-pressurized well tank (in 1963) and refrigerant gas cylinder (in 1967). The company continued to revolutionize the industry with its inventions like the –

    • 1980 - Indirect fired water heater
    • 1991 – thermal expansion tank

    Over the years, Amtrol has emerged as a world leader in designing and operating important mechanical systems that help store potable water and control hydronic heating. At present, the company manufactures a wide range of water technology solutions for storage, heating, treatment, flow control, and expansion. The Amtrol products find applications in both industrial and residential markets. What’s better is that they are all manufactured in the USA at the ISO-certified Maryland and Rhode Island facilities.

    What is Amtrol Advantage?

    Amtrol provides a complete range of high-quality water systems and engineered heating products to users around the world. When you buy an Amtrol product, you are essentially choosing excellence. The company is ISO 9001:2000 compliant. The Amtrol Advantage also extends to customer service, as the company keeps the customer as the central focus of the operations.

     Pump Products

     If you want a one-stop-shop for pumps, motors, and pump parts, then Pump Products is the place for you. Pump Products is a leading national retailer headquartered in Westwood, NJ, providing top-quality products to its customers at the lowest possible process. We at Pump Products feature carefully curated products from the leading pump brands of the world. If you have trouble selecting a product, our team of expert customer service agents will help you with sizing and selection assistance. Looking to buy Amtrol Tanks Booster Pumps? Visit our site to place an order today! You can also call us at 1-800-429-0800 to place your order.

  • Franklin Electric - The Best Motors & Control Boxes

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    If you want to use technology effectively but safely, you must be able to control it. A TV remote helps control a TV, and a light switch helps control a light. What do you do to control motors and other heavy-duty equipment? You use a control box.

    A high-performing control box follows control box design best practices, but it also considers the specific application you are using it for. Control boxes are used for a wide variety of equipment. Hence, they are different for different motors and equipment. Franklin Electric control boxes are some of the best in the market. But what exactly are control boxes?

    What are control boxes?

    In simple terms, control boxes are a way to control motors and other machines. These boxes contain buttons, knobs, switches, and sliders connected to the equipment they are controlling. You can, therefore, start or stop the equipment or adjust other functions through the control box.

    Besides letting a user control the equipment, control boxes also help monitor the equipment's performance. Many control boxes may also contain sensors or other instruments that provide data. You can check the data to ensure that the machine is functioning. You may also be able to automate certain control decisions by creating procedures and rules.

    You will see most control boxes inside electrical enclosures. This helps to prevent unlawful access, accidental contact, or damage to the control box. Some new control boxes also come with touch screens for fine-tuned and intuitive control over various processes.

    There are many different types of control boxes:

    Hydraulic pump control boxes

    Hydraulic pumps are mostly used for controlling the movement and transfer of pressurized hydraulic fluid. The control box helps in controlling and monitoring all these functions.

    Water pump control boxes

    The main job of a water pump control box is to switch on and off the pump’s pressure. In well systems, these pumps draw groundwater and pump it into pressure tanks. When the pressure level drops below a certain level in the tank, the control box turns the pump on. It then switches it off when the pressure is at the right level.

    Lighting control boxes

    Many homeowners are installing entertainment and lighting systems in their homes. Lighting control boxes help to control these systems.

    PumpProducts is a leading distributor of Franklin Electric motors and control boxes across the US. We have an extensive range of pump and pump parts that we ship across the US.

    Franklin Electric control boxes

    Franklin Electric is a leading global provider of complete water and fueling systems. Built in the USA, Franklin Electric was first established in 1944. The company has since continued its commitment to developing valuable and innovative solutions for the market’s needs. They offer a complete range of pump solutions across a multitude of industries. Franklin Electric manufactures motors and control boxes for use in residential, agricultural, commercial, municipal, and industrial applications.

    When it was first started, Franklin Electric was a small company manufacturing motors. The company has been named after Benjamin Franklin, American President and electrical engineer. To this day, Franklin Electric continues to improve its products delivering innovative and valuable solutions for better serving the needs of its customers.

    Franklin Electric is committed to quality and is well known for offering high-quality products. They are also known for their exceptional customer service. Availability is another one of their fortes since they deliver pump solutions worldwide.

    Franklin Electric was founded in 1944 with just $20,000. It was started by two electrical engineers from Fort Wayne, Indiana- Edward Schaeffer and T Wayne Kehoe, who decided to go into business for themselves by producing small electrical motors. The demand for Franklin Electric generators reduced drastically with the war, but the subsequent housing boom created a huge market for electrical pump motors. By 1947, sales for Franklin Electric had reached $1.7 million. In 1950, the company introduced its breakthrough product, a fully submersible pump motor that was quieter, easier to install, and more powerful. It made housing more viable for areas in the country with low water tables.

    The company went public in 1959. By the early 1960s, Franklin Electric had produced over 4 million motors. In 1969, the company produced its five millionth submersible motor. Franklin Electric’s submersible motors were operating in the most demanding environments. From the North Pole to the deep ocean, these motors could be found everywhere. From a small business, it has now grown into a multi-million dollar business.

    Franklin Electric control boxes and motors are extremely high-quality, and you can find an extensive range of their products on You can buy yours online and have it shipped anywhere in the US. Our engineers would be happy to help you select the right pump product for your needs. If you need more information, please call on 1-866-570-2228 today.

  • Weinman pumps and repair kits available on PumpProducts

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    PumpProducts offers a wide variety of pump parts and repair kits for pumps. These kits contain the most common parts that you may need to replace if your pump breaks down. At PumpProducts, we carry a wide variety of Weinman pumps and Weinman pump parts and repair kits besides several other brands. All the repair kits that you find on our website are manufactured using the highest quality materials and designed for superior performance and long working life.

    At PumpProducts, you can find a variety of Weinman pumps, including centrifugal pumps, sump pumps, and more. We also stock a wide variety of Weinman pump parts to help you repair your pump whenever needed.

    You can find these on our website:

    Weinman repair parts

    We stock an extensive inventory of Weinman repair parts, including those for the Series 100 pumps, Series 1100 pumps, Series 120 pumps, Series 1200 pumps, Series 1310 pumps, and so much more.

    Weinman Model A

    Weinman Model A pumps are all custom built. These pumps are used for a wide variety of municipal, commercial, and industrial needs. You will find these pumps mostly used in hot water systems in HVACs, condensers, and municipal drinking water systems.

    Weinman Series 310 Repair parts

    At PumpProducts, you can get Weinman 003217 Plugs, Weinman A6345-L13 case gaskets, Weinman A6500-L13 seal cap gaskets, Weinman Q18-8-C2 gland nuts in brass, and more.

    Weinman Series 3300 repair parts

    You can get the Weinman 0002553 Plug, Pipe, CI, SS, Weinman 002603 Washer, Suction to tank, Flange, Weinman 002608 lock washer, Weinman 003204 Plug, drain, and a lot more at PumpProducts.

    Weinman Series 500 repair parts

    Among the Series 500 repair parts, you can get the Weinman 003217 Plugs, Weinman A6345-L13 case gaskets, Weinman A6500-L13 seal cap gasket, Weinman H1936-2-K2 deflector, and more on our website.

    Weinman Series 700 repair parts

    On, you can find the Weinman 15-5-3 nut, Weinman Q15-111-E26 screw, Weinman Q15-3-E26 screw, Weinman Q-15-37-E26 screw, and so much more.

    There is no dearth of variety on Whatever Weinman pumps or Weinman pump parts you need, you are sure to find them on PumpProducts. We are a quality Weinman pumps and parts distributor, and we stock a wide variety of Weinman pumps at the most attractive prices available online.

    Weinman pumps

    Weinman is a brand owned by Crane Pumps and Systems. Crane Co. was founded in 1855 and had a stellar history of manufacturing high-quality pumps for over 150 years.

    The Weinman brand was founded in 1860 in Ohio. In the beginning, the brand was known for manufacturing steam-driven piston pumps. Weinman was also the first in America to develop end-suction pumps in 1913 and split case pumps in 1930. Besides end-suction pumps and split case pumps, Weinman today manufactures condensate return systems, NSF 61/372 pumps, and more.

    Weinman’s end-suction pumps are well-known for being highly efficient. They are also popular for their robust construction, their ability to work in a wide variety of applications, and low maintenance. Weinman’s split case pumps are rugged and reliable and recognized for their efficiency, quality, and cost-efficiency.

    Assuring high efficiency and reliability, Weinman pumps are widely known for their use in HVAC and water service applications. These pumps are manufactured solely in the USA and are extensively used across a multitude of industries.

    If you struggle to find a Weinman pump part, rest assured that PumpProducts has everything you need. We offer a comprehensive range of Weinman pump repair parts at the lowest possible price online. Our fully-stocked inventory consists of repair and replacement parts of all series and models of Weinman pumps. Our top-grade replacement parts are perfectly designed for all kinds of Weinman pumps. These include submersible water pumps, sump pumps, split coupled pumps, close-coupled pumps, frame-mounted pumps, vertically mounted pumps, multi-stage pumps, and so on.

    The Weinman repair kits include centrifugal pump parts, water pump parts, repair kits, seal kits, mechanical seals, pump seals, impellers, pump shafts, bearings, and more.


    Are you looking for a Weinman pump part? If you are, then there is no better place than We have one of the largest inventories available in the market. You can buy directly from us online, and we will ship the part to you anywhere in the US.

    Do you have questions regarding the right pump repair parts? Don’t worry. Our engineers are pump experts and will give you expert guidance on any question that you may have regarding pumps. Whether you need to know the right pump for your needs or need help picking the right size, our engineers will ensure that you select the right pump for your needs.

    So, what are you waiting for? Check out our extensive range of Weinman pump repair parts on our website today. You can also call us on 1-866-551-2592.

  • Market Leaders in Booster Pumps | Berkeley and Davey

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    Can your business benefit from a booster pump? This machine is designed to act as an intermediary between the source of water and the endpoints such as faucets, showers, and taps. Berkeley booster pumps are responsible for taking the water in from the source, adding pressure to it, and ensuring the pressure remains until the endpoints. Usually, booster pumps work in conjunction with sources to build the pressure.

    Booster pumps are used in many daily applications. For instance, the water moving in a high-rise building requires a booster pump. To move the water up, an intense pressure head is necessary for the pump to deliver. When you install sprinklers and spraying systems on your establishment, a booster pump delivers the pressure needed to transport the water.

    Davey booster pumps are used in large scale industrial applications such as:

    • HVAC
    • Filtration
    • Reverse osmosis
    • Boiler feed

    How do booster pumps work?

    Booster pumps operate like a fan. It is designed to increase pressure and flow rate. A booster pump works with an existing pump. These mechanical devices have a built-in expansion tank. It is a closed tank, fitted with an airbag. The goal is to transport the water into the tank, which runs in the airbag, causing a compression of the air and building of air pressure.

    Most booster pumps are of the centrifugal type. What it means is the pump has 1 or more impellers to compress the fluids. Berkeley booster pumps work in the following way:

    • The water arrives from the source into the booster pump.
    • Once the water hits the impeller blades, kinetic energy is supplied to the water, which increases the speed.
    • The water is pushed into a diffuser or volute casing.
    • Here, the speed of the water gets converted into pressure.
    • This builds the water pressure and transfers it to the required height.

    Types of Booster Pumps

    These pumps are available in two forms- ordinary pumps, variable speed drive pumps, multi-stage, and self-priming pumps.

    • Ordinary booster pumps operate at the same rate and don’t have the capability of adjusting the speed or increasing the flow rate.
    • Variable speed drive pumps can alter the speed based on different pressure requirements. Davey booster pumps are excellent at reducing energy costs because they can alter their performance according to the pressure at the source.
    • Multi-stage pumps transport compressed fluids from the first stage through successive pressurization stages or chambers to generate increasing amounts of pressure. It has a built-in pressure gauge.
    • Self-priming pumps make and maintain enough vacuum levels to pull fluid into the inlet without external help.

    Booster Pump Features

    Davey booster pumps have the following specifications:

    Max flow rate- This is the highest rate of volume that can pass through the pump.

    Max pressure boost- The highest pressure along with the current pressure on the system head. It is expressed in feet head or pounds per square inch. The booster pump has to work to provide a difference in pressure between the system and the existing pump pressure.

    Horsepower- This is the power output of the pump and is measured in horsepower.

    Power rating- The power needed to work the pump, usually measured in Watts.

    Booster Pump Benefits

    Berkeley booster pumps offer the following advantages:

    1. They maintain a constant supply of water at home. Their high-efficient design provides a steady flow.
    2. The pump size is small and easy to transport and fit inside a home. Special arrangements are not required to fit a booster water pump.
    3. Booster pumps offer high efficiency in both residential and commercial settings.
    4. After installing a booster pump, you don’t have to put in extra money to maintain it.

    About Berkeley Booster Pumps

    The company has been manufacturing booster pumps since 1937. Berkeley Pumps were used to irrigate the fields in San Joaquin Valley in Central California. Today, it continues to meet complex water transfer tasks and residential flow requirements. The Berkeley brand is synonymous with uncompromised reliability and quality. As the company continued to expand, so did its product offerings. Although Berkeley is now a subsidiary of Pentair, it is still the industry leader when it comes to manufacturing and supplying booster pumps.

    At PumpProducts, you may purchase Berkeley booster pumps at the lowest guaranteed price. The company manufactures a wide range of booster pumps such as water pressure pumps, stand-alone pumps, and all-in-one pumps. All products are available in a range of configurations and materials to suit your application needs. Their booster pumps are designed to manage the toughest applications with accuracy and ease.

    About Davey Booster Pumps

    The Davey brand in booster pumps is available in a wide range of applications. For instance, the Davey Fire pumps are portable high-pressure devices designed for controlling and fighting fire emergencies. Davey water pumps can be quickly connected to water sources to efficiently draw out water. Davey booster pumps have a compact design. They operate well in areas where immediate power is not available. These products are equally useful for general water transfer and irrigation purposes.

    Whether you need clean drinking water, perfect pressure, or water to operate a business or farm, you can count on Davey. Traditionally, Davey booster pumps were applicable for domestic purposes only. In recent times, the company expanded its portfolio to offer booster pumps for irrigation, commercial pools, and commercial pumping purposes. At PumpProducts, you can find a wide selection of Davey booster pumps at the lowest price guaranteed.

    Are you ready to invest in quality booster pumps?

    PumpProducts is a master stockist for pumps, electric motors, and pump products. Our team has extensive experience in the sales of Berkeley booster pumps, replacement parts, and motors. With our expert’s research, choose the best motors, parts, and pumps in the market. We only offer top quality, efficient, and dependable products at the lowest price possible, to our customers.

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