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Commercial / Institutional water systems 


Today every business is looking for ways to save money and become more environmentally friendly. Pump Express can help evaluate your current pumping system to see what can be done to maximize the efficiency of your system. Whether it be upgrades to new and more efficient motors that meet the new federal regulations, The Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007(EISA),or addition of Variable Speed Drives (VSD), or designing a new system.Pump Express will work to find the right solution for your needs. Save GREEN by going GREEN.  For Service or to Request a Quote call a Pump Express Service representitive Today ! Toll Free : 800-298-4100

  • Packaged Booster Pump Systems
  • HVAC Pumps
  • Submersible Pumps
  • Centrifugal Pump
  • Wastewater Pumps
  • Motor Controls
  • Control Boards

Some of the service offered for Commercial Pump Repair

  • Commercial Pump Removal and Installation
  • Commercial Pump Motor Repair
  • Commercial Pump Planned Maintenace Plans

If you are experiencing one or more of the following symptoms with your pump system you should be concerned:  

  • High energy costs
  • Throttle valves that are generally closed
  • Bypass valves/Recirculation lines that are generally open
  • High operating noise levels, especially at the valve or pump
  • Vibrations in the system and/or pump assembly
  • Systems with multiple parallel pumps with the same number of pumps always operating
  • Constant pump operation in a batch environment or frequent cycle batch operation in a continuous process
  • Systems that have undergone a change in function

Here is just one example of how we saved one company over $40,000 annually. 

Here are some interesting facts  

  • US Department of Energy Statistics
  • Nearly 25% of electricity demand comes from industrial motor systems
  • Over 50% of pump life cycle costs result from energy and maintenance expense
  • Less than 15% of pump life cycle costs are initial purchase costs
  • Energy savings of 20% or more are possible with systems optimization