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How Barnes and Goulds Elevator Sump Pump Kits Protect the Environment

By admin June 14, 2021

Environmental contamination is a major issue that affects our general quality of life. Due to this, authorities often specify certain safety measures for the protection of the environment as well as people. Elevator sump pits and transformer vaults need a mechanism to drain water from them. But during this operation, there is a chance of accidentally pumping oil into the system causing contamination. Elevator sump pumps are the perfect solution for mitigating this. In this blog, check out details about Barnes elevator sump pumps and Goulds elevator sump pumps.


Elevator Sump Pumps

Elevator sump pumps play a significant role in protecting the environment by preventing the mixing of hazardous substances and oils into water streams. An elevator sump kit usually contains an oil detector and a smart control panel. The oil detector senses the presence of oil and prevents further pumping. Advanced elevator sump pumps also come with automatic sensors and alarms. Barnes and Goulds are two leading brands that offer high-quality elevator sump pumps. Let us explore the features of their models.


Choosing the Best Elevator Sump Pump

Elevator pump kits should be durable and foolproof as they play an important role in safety systems. So, the sizing and selection of elevator pumps require thorough knowledge and expertise. Check out the various elevator sump pump models from Barnes and Goulds that can protect the environment.


Barnes Pump Solutions

Barnes pump solutions is a premier brand from the Crane pumps and systems company. It is a leader in wastewater solutions since 1895. The company continues to manufacture highly efficient and innovative products. The pump products from Barnes are well-known for their reliability in numerous applications such as water treatment, pressure systems, fountains, etc.

Barnes Elevator Sump Pump Kit

The Barnes brand offers the best quality elevator sump pump kits available in the market today. With numerous innovative features, they protect the environment by preventing the flow of oil and hazardous substances during operation.

Barnes 135786

The Barnes 135786 elevator sump pump kit includes,

  • Barnes Boss series oil sensor switch
  • Effluent pump (EHV412)
  • High water alarm
  • Control panel

The Banes 135786 sump pump package operates to remove water from elevator pits and prevents oil from pumping back into the system. The Boss oil sensor switch in the kit has led indicators for showing the operating conditions. A NEMA 1 rated enclosure makes it suitable for all modes of indoor use. It features a water alarm to warn about high water/oil levels. It comes with an EHV412 single phase pump operating at 120 V. With a plug and play system; it is easy to install.

Goulds Pump Products

Goulds pump products from Xylem water solutions have a rich history of serving customers across the globe. With a presence in more than 150 countries, the company is a pioneer in designing innovative water management products. The wide range of innovative products from Goulds plays an important role in protecting the environment.


Goulds Elevator Sump Pumps

Elevator sump pump kits from Goulds with oil smart technology are highly efficient with a gamut of innovative features. These elevator pump kits include,

  • An oil smart panel and switch
  • Intelligent sensors
  • Effluent pump

The Goulds elevator sump pumps are suitable for operations in leachate walls, transformer vaults, etc.


  • Goulds ELKTWE0311L 

The Goulds ELKTWE0311L elevator sump pump kit features a cast iron volute for maximum efficiency. It comes with a single-phase 1/3 HP motor with class-B insulation. The motor features a capacitor start providing maximum starting torque. It can reach a maximum of 1750 RPM. With a discharge size of 2” NPT, it has a maximum solid handling capacity of ¾ inch. The ELKTWE0311L features an oil smart switch that prevents the pumping of oil into sewers. The kit also comes with an A1SEE1 panel and a smart liquid sensor. It can provide a maximum flow rate of 90 GPM.

  • Goulds ELKTWE0511H

The Goulds ELKTWE0511H Centripo elevator sump pump has numerous features that make it suitable for continuous operation. This pump kit comes with a WE0511H pump and a single-phase panel. A single-phase 1/2 HP motor powers the pump providing a maximum of 3450 RPM. It is fully lubricated and possesses efficient heat transfer properties. It provides. The kit includes an A1SEE1 panel with smart sensors. The sensor is capable of differentiating between oil and water for preventing oil pumping. With a NEMA 4X fiberglass enclosure, it is suitable for indoor and outdoor operations. It provides a maximum flow rate of 80 GPM.


  • Goulds ELKTWE0512H

The Goulds ELKTWE0512H elevator pump kit selectively pumps water from sumps preventing the pumping of the oil. The pump kit is very crucial for protecting the environment from oil and waste spillage. It features a WE0512H Pump & A1SEE1 Panel Kit. It has a single-phase 1/2 HP motor that operates at 230 V. The pump is sturdy with high-quality corrosion-resistant materials. With a gamut of features, including an oil smart sensor and liquid smart switch, it prevents environmental contamination due to oil pumping. It delivers a maximum flow rate of 80 GPM. The Goulds ELKTWE0512H can handle temperatures up to 104 °F (ca. 40 °C) during continuous operation. offers numerous pump models and accessories from well-known brands. The team provides excellent customer services with detailed information about every pump model. The website also features catalogs and manuals that help you in selecting the best pump as per requirement. If you are planning to buy elevator sump pump models from Barnes or Goulds, visit us today.

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