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Many workplaces contain areas that are considered confined spaces because their configurations hinder the activities of those who must enter, work in, and exit them. Examples of confined spaces include sumps, tanks, vaults and pits. Entry into such areas requires well trained, properly equipped technicians certified to safely perform the tasks required. A confined space is defined by the concurrent existence of the following conditions:

1) The space has limited or restricted means of entry or exit

2) The space is large enough for a person to enter to perform tasks

3) The space is not designed or configured for continuous occupancy

Pump Express guarantees that any work done in a confined space will be done safely and efficiently. Your liabilities will be minimized by choosing a company whose employees are trained and certified in Confined Space Entry.  Our technicians are also certified in First Aid and CPR. Pump Express is a drug-free work place.  For Service or to Request a Quote call a Pump Express Service representitive Today !
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