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Residential pump systems can be found in condominiums, town houses, apartments and single family homes. Depending on your location, your pump system may be used for irrigation, sewage, storm water drainage or pressure boosting.

Whether you are a home owner or a management company, Pump Express offers several types of services to help you maintain your residential water system. For Service or to Request a Quote call a Pump Express Service representitive Today ! Toll Free : 800-298-4100

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Residential Drinking Water Systems

  • A Shallow Well is any source of water where the water is within 25 feet of ground level. When water is pumped from a well the water level will draw down. The lowest level to which it will drop is the level from which it must be pumped.
  • A Deep Well is any source of water where the low water level is more than 25 feet below the ground level. 

Residential Irrigation Systems

  • Every foot of elevation change causes a 0.433 PSI change in water pressure. If your pipe is going downhill add 0.433 PSI of pressure per vertical foot you go down. If the pipe is going uphill subtract 0.433 PSI for every vertical foot you go up. 

Residential Sewage Systems

  • On-site
  • Septic System

Residential Storm Water Drainage System

Storm Water Drainage System is a single system having two purposes:

  • (1) the control of storm water runoff to prevent or minimize damage to property and physical injury and loss of life which may occur during or after a very infrequent or unusual storm; and
  • (2) the control of storm water to eliminate or minimize inconvenience or disruption of activity as a result of runoff frommore frequently occurring,less significant storms.

Residential Booster System

Reasons for needing:

  • Poor city water pressure
  • Building height
  • Homes at the end of a water supply line
  • Buildings located high above a water supply line
  • Tall residential properties
  • Gravity water systems

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