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Keep Your Lawn Green with These Pumps from AMT & Barnes

By admin June 4, 2021

A well-maintained lawn adds a lot of aesthetic value to your landscape. But maintaining your lawn is always a big challenge. The use of a normal pump is not enough for watering it properly. Lawn sprinkler systems help in providing appropriate water pressure for maintaining them. In this blog, find out more details about AMT lawn sprinkler pumps and Barnes centrifugal pumps. Both these pumps are the best in their category.

Centrifugal Pumps

Centrifugal pumps are undoubtedly the most common model of pump used for irrigation purposes. In centrifugal pumps, an impeller spins the water/fluid inside a sealed casing. This spinning motion creates a centrifugal force that helps in moving the water to the desired location. There are numerous centrifugal pump models available in the market. Among these, end suction and booster pumps are most suitable for lawn sprinklers. They help in boosting the water pressure that ensures the steady operation of a lawn sprinkler.

Selecting a reliable centrifugal pump can help in keeping your lawn always green and fresh. AMT lawn sprinkler pumps and Barnes centrifugal pumps are the two major pump models that offer high performance in outdoor settings. Let us explore them in detail.

The Best Pumps for Your Lawn

Maintenance of your lawn is a crucial aspect of home landscaping. The sizing and selection of a lawn sprinkler pump depend upon your specific requirements. Centrifugal pumps from AMT and Barnes –the two major pump manufacturers are very popular. Check out more about these companies and their offerings.


AMT pumps have a vast experience of more than 88 years in designing pumps and related accessories. With modern manufacturing facilities, they produce innovative products such as centrifugal pumps, submersible pumps, etc.

AMT Lawn Sprinkler Pumps

AMT offers a wide range of self-priming lawn sprinkler pumps that are highly efficient. They feature a continuous-duty motor that delivers consistent performance. AMT lawn sprinkler pumps are most suitable for high-pressure applications such as spraying irrigation, draining, and garden sprinkling.

  • AMT 3790-95

The AMT 3790-95 is a high-performance sprinkler booster pump suitable for watering lawns. This single-stage pump features a check valve that enables positive priming. It can self-prime up to 20 ft (ca. 6 m). The use of stainless-steel impellers makes it corrosion resistant, offering durability. It has a ¾ HP single-phase motor that packs enough power for all outdoor operations. Due to the dual volute design, the radial load on the motor reduces drastically. The pump is capable of handling temperatures up to 180 °F (ca. 82 °C). It can provide a maximum flow of 50 GPM. The AMT 3790-95 is easy to install and has very low maintenance requirements.

  • AMT 379L-95

The AMT 379L-95 lawn sprinkler pump is highly efficient with numerous innovative features. It is a single-stage pump with self-priming capabilities up to 20 ft (ca. 6 m). The pump is leakproof due to the presence of a Buna-N mechanical seal. With a 3 HP continuous-duty motor, the pump is well-equipped to handle high-pressure outdoor applications. It can handle working pressure up to 150 psi. The use of cast iron makes it durable and offers long-lasting operation. Additionally, the removable dual volute design comes in very handy during maintenance activities. This pump achieves a maximum flow rate of 92 GPM. It can handle temperatures up to 180 °F (ca. 82 °C).


Barnes is at the forefront of innovation in water management solutions since 1939. With more than 100 employees, Crane engineering is a market leader in fluid handling equipment. The pumping industry offers a gamut of services, including design, manufacturing, installation, and maintenance.

Barnes HCU Series Centrifugal Pumps

Barnes centrifugal pumps are durable and heavy-duty pumps suitable for numerous applications. They are mainly used for cooling towers, irrigation, sprinkler systems, etc. These are highly efficient pumps offering robust performance even in adverse environments.

  • Barnes 029676 (Model 2020 HCU)

The Barnes 029676 centrifugal pump is a direct drive motor operated model suitable for domestic and industrial applications. The bronze impeller and cast iron casing make it highly durable. Within close-coupled models, the motor capacity is in the range of 3-25 HP. The pump offers a high level of flexibility to place discharge in 8 different locations as per requirement. It features 2” NPT suction and 2” discharge. It has a high-temperature rating of 180 °F (ca. 82 °C), making it suitable for industrial operations. The Barnes 029676 requires minimum maintenance and is very reliable for outdoor applications.

  • Barnes 059459 (Model 4030 HCU)

The Barnes 059459 centrifugal pump is ideal for sprinkler and irrigation systems. This end suction pump has 4” suction and 3”, 125 lb (ca. 57 kg) flange discharge. The discharge head is highly flexible with the option of adjusting it to 8 different locations. It has high built quality due to the use of cast iron. It features an enclosed cast iron impeller that ensures high efficiency. This direct drive pump can work with different motors having varying capacities such as 25 HP, 75 HP, etc. The Barnes 059459 can handle liquid temperatures up to 180 °F.

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