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Pump Express Service offers a wide range of pump and motor repair and maintenance services to commercial, industrial and residential clients in New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut. Our expert in-house pump and motor technicians deliver a full range of repair and rebuild services both in-house and in the field. And parts are never a problem. If we can’t obtain a part quickly, we will fabricate it in our fully-appointed machine shop, insuring quick turnaround times.   


Pump Express Service technicians are on-hand to REPAIR OR REBUILD WEG MOTORS 24/7 and can assist in resolving WEG MOTOR WARRANTY issues. 


Through our subsidiary company, Motor Express, we also stock and sell stock a wide variety of WEG MOTORS including: WEG Explosion Proof Motors, WEG High Voltage Machine Motors, WEG NEMA Premium Motors, WEG Saw Arbor Motors, WEG Auger Drive Motors, WEG Farm Duty Motors, WEG IEC Tru-Metric Motors, WEG Oil Well Motors, WEG Severe Duty Motors, WEG Compressor Duty Motors, WEG Fracional Motors, and various other WEG MOTORS. Browse our comprehensive on-line WEG MOTOR CATALOG complete with WEG MODEL NUMBERS, WEG MOTOR SIZES, and WEG MOTOR SPECIFICATIONS


As part of our extended range of services, we offer customers ready access to expert, personalized engineering support. Our experienced staff of WEG MOTOR EXPERTS will answer your questions and provide individualized technical assistance. From WEG MOTOR selection and factory direct quotes to providing guidance installation and operating instructions, Pump Express is a leader in technical service. 


Whether you need a WEG MOTOR REPAIR or want to replace an existing WEG MOTOR, PUMP EXPRESS SERVICE is your go-to WEG repair and replacement facility and SUPPLIER OF WEG MOTORS AND PARTS.


Our staff of WEG MOTOR EXPERTS carry out WEG MOTOR REPAIR, SIZING and SELECTION for every commercial, industrial and residential application.  


For more information call our WEG MOTOR SERVICE & SALES desk at 1-800-298-4100. Ask about our WEG MOTOR LOW PRICE GUARANTEE !