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Pump Express Service offers a wide range of pump and motor repair and maintenance services to commercial, industrial and residential clients in New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut. Our expert in-house pump technicians deliver a full range of repair and rebuild services both in-house and in the field. And parts are never a problem. If we can’t obtain a part quickly, we will fabricate it in our fully-appointed machine shop, insuring quick turnaround times.


Pump Express Service technicians are on-hand 24/7 to REPAIR OR REBUILD PRO-SERIES Primary Sump Pumps, PRO-SERIES PHCC 1730 Battery Backup Sump Pumps, PRO-SERIES PHCC 1000 Battery Backup Sump Pumps, PRO-SERIES PHCC 2400 Battery Backup Pumps and PRO-SERIES Combination Pumps. PUMP EXPRESS also sizes and sells PRO-SERIES PUMP MOTORS.


Our PRO-SERIES PUMP CUSTOMER SERVICE DEPARTMENT can assist in resolving PRO-SERIES PUMP WARRANTY issues. Through our parent company, Pump Express, we stock PRO-SERIES PUMPS AND PARTS across 500,000 square feet of warehouse space. Browse our comprehensive on line PRO-SERIES PUMP CATALOG complete with PRO-SERIES PUMP MODEL NUMBERS, PRO-SERIES PUMP PART NUMBERS, PRO-SERIES PUMP SIZES, PRO-SERIES   PUMP CURVES and PRO-SERIES   PUMP SPECIFICATIONS at


As part of our extended range of services, Pump Express offers customers ready access to expert, personalized engineering support. Our experienced staff of PRO-SERIES PUMP APPLICATION ENGINEERS will answer your questions and provide individualized technical assistance. From PRO-SERIES PUMP PRODUCT selection and factory direct quotes to providing guidance with pump curves or installation and operating instructions, Pump Express is a leader in technical service.


Whether you need a PRO-SERIES PUMP REPAIR OR REBUILD or want to replace an existing PRO-SERIES PUMP with a new model, PUMP EXPRESS is your go-to PRO-SERIES repair and replacement facility and SUPPLIER OF PRO-SERIES PUMP PARTS. Our staff of PRO-SERIES PUMP EXPERTS carry out PRO-SERIES PUMP REPAIR, SIZING and SELECTION for commercial, industrial and residential customers. For more information call our PRO-SERIES PUMP SERVICE & SALES desk at 1-800-298-4100. Ask about our PRO-SERIES PUMP LOWEST PRICE GUARANTEE!