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Effluent Pumps That are Perfect for Gray Water Applications

By admin October 23, 2020

Need to replace your effluent pump? Learn why Liberty Effluent Pump 250 Series & Sta-Rite Multistage Submersible Effluent Pump are the best options.

UN statistics show that every day, over 2 million tons of sewage, agricultural waste and industrial effluents are discharged into the world’s clean water bodies. Without the right technology, effluents can completely degrade local water resources, causing harm to residents and creating operational problems to companies.

This is where Liberty Effluent Pumps come in handy.

Effluent pumps come with a special rotating non-clog impeller that helps pass both liquid & solid waste. The design of the impeller depends on the type of effluents to be cleared. The impeller can be in one of four variants – open, semi-open, closed & vortex. This impeller is located inside a stationary housing which is powered by an electric motor. The motor generates Centrifugal force, which acts on the liquid, forcing it out of the discharge.

Choosing effluent pumps that are perfect for gray water transfer

Gray water is sewage effluent that hasn’t come in contact with feces and other large, solid wastes. It contains items which are released into water sources from households or companies, such as oils, chemicals, soap particles and septic fluids.

Effluent pumps can be used to transfer sewage from septic tanks to leach fields. For your gray water effluent pumps to work effectively, they need to be:

  • Of the right material – so they are durable & aren’t reactive to chemicals & septic waste.
  • Of the right size – so they can handle large volumes without overflowing or clogging.
  • Of the right energy efficiency – so they don’t lead to expenses and large carbon footprints.

Features of the Liberty 250 Series Submersible Effluent Pumps

Liberty Effluent Pumps are one of the leading manufacturers of submersible effluent pumps for gray water transfer. In particular, the Liberty 250 Submersible Effluent Pump and Liberty 251 Submersible Effluent Pump are highly-versatile and perfect for both individual household & apartment needs.

Here are some features of these Liberty Effluent Pump 250 Series that you need to know about:

  • These submersible pumps are made of heavy-duty cast iron and they are protected by an epoxy powder coat finish to prevent rusting. The UNI-BODY casting with a power cord that’s quickly disconnectable, make the pumps very easy to use and transport.
  • The pumps come with three switch options that allow you to control the mechanics and operation. These Liberty Effluent Pumps boast of the Vertical Magnetic Float design (VMF) for fitting in smaller pits.
  • The pumps have a hermetically-sealed 1/3 HP motor with a Vortex style impeller and permanently lubricated bearings, which are designed from a cutting-edge engineering polymer that can withstand high temperatures. The pumps can process 1-1/2" liquid discharge and 1/2" solid discharge.
  • The fasteners and 416 rotor shafts on each pump are made from non-corrosive stainless steel, making them highly durable.
  • The Liberty 250 Submersible Effluent Pump and Liberty 251 Submersible Effluent Pump are designed for low-to-mid-range effluent removal and basement de-watering. They come with a 3-year warranty.

Features of the Sta-Rite ST.E.P Plus D Series Submersible Effluent Pumps

Another brand of submersible effluent pumps that is equally brilliant is the Sta-Rite effluent pumps ST.E.P Plus D Series. The Sta-Rite ST.E.P Plus D Series of submersible pumps are designed for heavy-duty use. They can be used in residential, agricultural, commercial & industrial settings. They come in 10, 20, and 30 GPM models and are perfect for filtered and aerobic effluent transfer.

Of the series, the Sta-Rite 20DOM05121+1, 4" Multistage Submersible Effluent Pump is regarded as one of the most robust and powerful gray water pumps. Key features of this pump are:

  • This 4” submersible gray water pump is ideal if you’re looking for an option that is very quiet and almost inconspicuous in its operations. The pump’s excellent "draw-down" capability of 4-1/2” ensures that it functions seamlessly with the building’s other water & sewage control systems. The streamlined design also ensures perfect fitment in pits of all sizes.
  • The pump is constructed with a premium-quality and non-corrosive stainless-steel intake screen, which is capable of processing solid waste up to 0.080" large. The pump’s discharge is made from high-quality thermoplastic reinforced with a 1-1/4" fiberglass. This, coupled with the closed Nylatron shaft-bearing which is self-lubricated, makes the pump highly-durable and protects it from wear & tear.
  • The motor is UL and CSA approved and is double sealed, dry wound, and protected from thermal overload. The pump is highly energy-efficient and consumes 25% less amp-draw to power the motor. The two-wire, 10-foot long, 600 Volt "SJOW" jacketed power cord and leads make the pump very easy to install absolutely anywhere on the property.
  • The pump boasts of the patented, precision-engineered SignaSeal staging system. This is cutting-edge technology that has a wear surface harder than sand ceramic. There's also a floating impeller design that is capable of destroying smaller solid waste completely.

Company Overview: Sta-Rite & Liberty Effluent Pump

Part of the expansive Pentair Group, Sta-Rite is a premier Wisconsin-headquartered sewage pump manufacturer. With over 8 decades of experience in the industry, Sta-Rite is one of the most trusted global leaders in effluent pump design.

Based in Bergen, NY, Liberty Pumps is one of the most reputed manufacturers of effluent pumps in the USA. They have a team of highly-innovative engineers whose innovation is heralding change in the effluent pump market. Today, Liberty Pumps have become a leading supplier for residential and industrial effluent management needs in the world.

About Pump Products

Pump Products has a decades-long legacy of supplying premium-quality products across the USA. This includes Liberty Effluent Pumps and Sta-Rite Pumps. They have a vast clientele of residential and industrial buyers. Offering very low prices for some of the world’s leading brands, Pump Products makes Pump purchase absolutely seamless.

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