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Reliable Well Pumps-No Matter How Deep Your Well is!

By admin November 30, 2020

According to a recent American Housing Survey, the number of private well users in America is about 13 million. While those living in the urban environment may not need a private well, those in rural and remote areas may have wells as their primary water option. In addition, even in urban areas sourcing their water needs underground will need jet pumps or submersible pumps to draw out water.

Jet pumps are installed above ground. They lift water from the ground by means of a suction pipe. The suction pipe creates a vacuum while an impeller drives out water through a narrow nozzle. Jet pumps need to be primed with flowing water because they need water to pump water.

Well pumps can be shallow well or deep well pumps. Shallow jet pumps are used for wells up to 25 feet deep, while deep well pumps can go down up to 150 feet. Deep wells typically need a submersible pump.

The best quality well pumps in the market are Berkeley Well Pump, Berkeley Jet Pump, and Sta-Rite Well pump.

Features and Benefits of Well Pumps

Berkeley ProJet SN Series Shallow Well Jet Pumps

The Berkeley ProJet SN Series Shallow Well Jet Pumps provide outstanding performance with good pressure for wells to 25’ deep. This series is self-priming after the priming chamber has been filled with water. The SN series features a close-grained cast iron body. A drain port is provided for easy winterizing.

Berkeley 5SN Self-Priming Shallow Well Jet Pump

The Berkeley 5SN is the best shallow jet pump in the market. This ProJet SN series is manufactured and engineered with a quality close-grained cast iron body. The pumps in this series provide excellent performance for wells to 25 feet deep. It can self-prime when the priming chamber is filled with water.

Its motor is ½ HP and 115/230 voltage. Its suction pipe is 1 ¼”, and discharge is 1”. The switch setting range is 30-50. Its close-grained cast iron body with a drain port for easy winterizing adds to the quality. It is protected against corrosion and abrasion with its built-in Lexan jet nozzle and venture. The ease of service is facilitated with a cleanout plug.

It is capable of the highest level of efficiency and performance with a precision-molded Noryl impeller for perfect balance. It primes faster and handles more air with a precision-molded and reinforced diffuser pump and multi-port. Its parts are made of stainless steel, and the mechanical shaft is carbon-ceramic. The continuous water lubrication is guaranteed with its internal design. The motor windings are protected against contamination and moisture with superior insulation materials. Its rotor is dynamically balanced for uniform efficiency and performance. The extended life and quality of quiet, smooth operation come from heavy-duty ball bearings, permanently lubricated and shielded.

The pump is made corrosion resistant with the stainless steel material. All electrical components are protected from dust, dirt, and insects with a dustproof cover. The pressure switch is of high professional quality with adjustable cut-in.

This pump finds its applications in farms, cottages, and homes with water systems and sprinklers' requirements.

The pump comes with a warranty of 12 months from its first installation or 18 months from the manufacture date.

Berkeley 10SN Self-Priming Shallow Well Jet Pump

The Berkeley 10SN under ProJet SN series is a shallow well jet pump. This pump has been engineered with the highest quality material of quality close-grained cast iron body. The pumps under the ProJet SN series are designed to provide an excellent level of performance with sufficient pressure to handle wells that are up to 25 feet deep. The pump is capable of self-priming once the priming chamber is filled with water.

Features and Benefits of Sta-Rite MS Series Vertical Deep Well Jet Pump

The Sta-Rite MS Series Vertical Jet Pumps meet the industry-standard required of deep well jet pumps that can install “bolt-on” over the well. It includes an external automatic regulator that is pre-plumbed complete with a pressure switch and pressure gauge. You should order a jet package when you purchase an MS series pump. It will have a complete line of casing adaptors to drive the double pipe or the single pipe jet packages. The installations require a casing adapter or adapter flange of appropriate size for the application of bolt-on feature.

Sta-Rite MSG-7 Vertical Deep Well Jet Pump

Sta-Rite MSG-7 Vertical Deep Well Jet Pump meet all the industry requirements for deep well jet pumps that require over the well bolt-on installations. These pumps are the best quality pumps in the market, with several features not found in many other similar pumps. It is noted for its trouble-free performance on all deep wells with new, improved stem and guide that are precisely molded. It has a quieter and faster acting design. There is no need to “hunting” for correct drive pressure.

The pump comes equipped with a pressure switch, pressure gauge, and pre-plumbed external automatic regulator. These pumps will find their irreplaceable use in water systems and sprinkling for farms, cottages, and homes.

Berkeley and Sta-Rite Company

Berkeley Pumps have been in operation since 1937. The Berkeley name has stood over decades for uncompromised quality and reliability.

Sta-Rite Pumps, founded in 1934, manufactures pumps, pressurized water storage tanks, and pump products of proven quality and standard.

Pump Products

Pump Products, master pump, and products distributor, sell directly to the industrial and commercial market and contractors. They provide the highest quality pumps and pump parts to customers at the lowest prices.

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