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Goulds Effluent Pumps are Built Strong for a Variety of Sump Applications

By admin August 18, 2020

Effluent pumps are used to pump “gray water” or “dirty water” that may contain a limited amount of solid waste. An effluent pump is like a sump pump with a septic effluent pump having greater durability. It can remove water at a greater demanding pace in comparison to a sump pump.

Features and benefits of Goulds ST31/ST51/ST71 Series Effluent Pumps

ST31 “SumpThing” Sump Pumps

Goulds Sump Pumps are specifically designed for effluent transfer and dewatering. It can also perform other tasks like basement draining and water transfer. It is noted that Goulds effluent pumps are meant not just for effluent transfer, but it can also perform a good deal of water transfer tasks.

This ST31 model of Gould Sump Pumps comes with several features and benefits, including its corrosion-resistant construction and cast iron body, to perform efficiently and sturdily for years. It comes with thermoplastic impeller, and cover and it has a replaceable power cord. The construction and the design elements together with heavy-duty sleeve ball bearings, facilitate movement and reduce noise and vibrations by absorbing friction. The built-in vent hole in the Goulds effluent pumps and Goulds sump pumps prevents air binding without additional effort or a mechanic's intervention.

The durability and the long-life features of this pump come from its construction material and several other features, including the motor's permanent lubrication. The permanent lubrication gives an extended service life and helps in the pump's continuous operation.

This pump is compact and portable, along with the feature of heavy-duty. Several layers of carbon, buna, ceramic, and stainless-steel mechanical seal in Goulds effluent pumps and sump pumps ensure the efficient functioning of this pump for years without a breakdown. It has a stainless-steel pipe plug and stainless-steel fasteners adding to the strength of the system.

Goulds ST71 Submersible Sump/Effluent Pump

This model of Goulds ST71 sump pump has ¾ horsepower that runs on single-phase and 115 volts. It has 1 ½ NPT discharge that can operate at the maximum 70 GPM. The pump’s maximum head is 37 feet. This heavy-duty compact pump is portable and capable of handling a maximum sphere of ½ inches.

You can use this pump for many applications, including effluent transfer, water transfer, dewatering, and basement draining.

Just like other models in the Goulds sump pump series, this model boasts of a cast iron body that is highly resistant to corrosion. The pump has a thermoplastic impeller and cover. The heavy-duty sleeve ball bearing construction of this pump will ensure that the pump continues to run at its peak efficiency without damage and without noise and vibration. The motor's extended service life is further ensured with a permanently lubricated motor that can remain powered for continuous operation. All ratings identified with the model are within the limits that the motor works in.

Goulds ST51AV, Submersible Sump/Effluent Pump

There are several models of Goulds Sump Pumps and Goulds Effluent pumps. However, models like ST71 and ST51 can perform both sump and effluent functions efficiently. These operations are not entirely different. This model can not only perform effluent transfer but several other tasks like dewatering, basement draining, and dewatering. This is because Goulds effluent pumps are built strong for a variety of sump applications.

The model ST51 AV has ½ horsepower to run on 115 volts and 1 phase. Its discharge measures 1 ½ inch of national pipe tapered thread, which is a standard measure for measuring threaded pipes. It can deliver a maximum of 61 GPM at the maximum head of 29 feet. This heavy-duty pump is compact and portable, with the maximum sphere handling capacity of ½ inches.

Like all other models, this model is also resistant to corrosion and constructed out of cast iron. These features impart it the toughness to handle the coarse works it is capable of performing. Its cover and impeller are thermoplastic. The heavy-duty ball-bearing construction and permanent lubrication of its motor make this pump capable of continuous operation.

As can be noted, these models of Goulds sump pumps or effluent pumps share the same features. The difference between them lies in their power, GPM, and head capacity. It means you have a choice depending on your needs. As far as the strength, capacity, and durability of these pumps, they are the same in all models. They are also the best you can find anywhere.

Goulds company

The Goulds Pumps officially recognize 1848 as their corporate anniversary but Abel Downs founder began making wooden pumps since 1840 in New York.  The company has been the industry leader in innovative technology and design in fluid solutions. The company is the largest manufacturer of pumps used in agriculture, consumer, and several other industries.

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