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Armstrong manufactures quality HVAC and hydronic equipment for residential, commercial and industrial applications. Armstrong pumps, controls, motors and parts are renowned for efficiency and longevity. Pump Express carries an extensive selection of Armstrong circulating pumps and parts designed for optimizing solutions, minimizing costs, and maximizing value.

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Pump Express has been a Stocking Armstrong Pump Dealer for well over a decade and currently offers a Lowest Price Guarantee for Armstrong Pumps and an extensive selection of Armstrong Pump Repair Parts, Controls and Accessories for residential, commercial and industrial applications. As a leader in design efficiency, long service life and operating economy, Armstrong produces purpose-built products designed for optimal solutions, minimized costs and maximized value for fluid flow and HVAC system requirements. In an effort to provide on-line shoppers the best pump product selection on the web, Pump Express stocks a huge inventory of Armstrong Series Pumps. 

YOU CAN BUY PUMP PARTS FOR EVERY ARMSTRONG PUMP MADE. We stock a full line of Armstrong pump replacement parts. To order Armstrong pump repair parts call us at 1-800-298-4100.

ARMflo E Series Bronze Fitted & All Bronze Circulator Pump Catalog:

  • Armstrong ARMflo E Series Manufacturer Model Numbers

E7.2, E7.2B, E8.2, E8.2B, E9.2, E9.2B, E10.2, E10.2B, E11.2, E11.2B, E12.2, E12.2B, E13.2, E13.2B, E14.2, E14.2B,E15.2, E15.2B, E16.2, E16.2B, E17.2, E17.2B, E19.2, E19.2B, E21.2, E21.2B, E22.2, E22.2B, E23.2, E23.2B, E24.2, E24.2B, E28.2, E28.2B, E29.2, E29.2B, E30.2, E30.2B, E33.2, E33.2B

  • Armstrong ARMflo E Series Parts List, Performance Curves, Product Videos, Warranty, Brochure and Installation Instructions

The Armstrong ARMflo E Series circulators are suitable for heating or cooling systems, such as hot water, geothermal, radiant panel and snow melting in large residential and light commercial installations. They draw on advanced motor technology and efficient hydraulic design to achieve excellent wire-to-water duty point efficiencies.

Armstrong S&H Series Cast Iron & Bronze In-Line Circulator Pump Catalog:

  • Armstrong S&H Series Manufacturer Model Numbers 

H-32 BF, H-32 AB, H-41 BF, H-41 AB, H-51 BF, H-51 AB, H-51-3 BF, H-51-3 AB, H-52 BF, H-52 AB, H-52-3 BF, H-52-3 AB, H-53 BF, H-53 AB, H-53-3 BF, H-53-3 AB, H-54 BF, H-54 AB, H-54-3 BF, H-54-3 AB, H-63 BF, H-63 AB,H-63-3BF, H-63-3 AB, H-64 BF, H-64 AB, H-64-3 BF, H-64-3 AB, H-65 BF, H-65 AB, H-65-3 BF, H-65-3 AB, H-66 BF, H-66 AB, H-66-3 BF, H-66-3 AB, H-67 BF, H-67 AB, H-67-3 BF, H-67-3 AB, H-68-3 BF, H-68-3 AB, S-25 BF, S-25 AB, S-35 BF, S-35 AB, S-45 BF, S-45 AB, S-46 BF, S-46 AB, S-55-1 BF, S-55-3 BF, S-55-1 AB, S-55-3 AB, S-57-1 BF, S-57-3 BF, S-57-1 AB, S-57-3 AB, S-69-1 BF, S-69-1 AB, S-69-3 BF, S-69-3 AB

  • Armstrong S&H Series Parts List (Complete), Parts List (Condensed), Parts List (Comparison Chart), Parts List (Gasket and O-Ring), Performance Curves, Product Videos, Warranty, Brochure and Installation Instructions

The Armstrong S Series and H Series circulators are suitable for HVAC and general purpose applications. They deploy a proven fixed-speed design that is cost-effective, durable and easy to maintain. Models are available in the traditional sleeve-bearing design as well as the new, permanently-lubricated, maintenance-free design.

 Astro 2 Series & Astro Express 2 Series Hot Water Recirculating Pump Catalog: 

  • Armstrong Astro 2 Series Manufacturer Model Numbers

210CI, 210SS, 220SSU(110223-301,110223-302,110223-309), 225SSU, 225BS(110223-303, 110223-304), 230CI, 230CI-R, 230SS, 250CI, 250CI-R, 250SS, 280CI(110223-320, 110223-322), 280SS(110223-321,110223-323), 286CI, 286SS, 290CI, 290SS, 

  • Armstrong Astro 2 Series Parts List(Flange And Hardware Kits), Parts List (Timer and Aquastat Accessory), Performance Curves and Product Videos
  • Armstrong Astro 2 Series Warranty, Brochure, Installation Instructions and Submittals 

The Armstrong Astro 2 circulators are suitable for residential heating or cooling, potable water and for hot water recirculation. They are designed for quiet operation and zero maintenance. In combination with cast iron volutes the Astro 2 line is intended to circulate water or ethylene-glycol solutions in closed hydronic or solar heating systems. The Astro 2 is a 3-Speed circulator and is available in three volute materials for residential, small industrial and commercial applications.

Armstrong Compass Series Circulator Pump Catalog:

  • Armstrong Compass Manufacturer Model Numbers:

20-20 CI, 20-20 SS

  • Armstrong Compass Parts List(Cross Reference Chart), Performance Curves and Product Videos
  • Armstrong Compass Warranty, Brochure, Submittals and  Installation Instructions
The Armstrong Compass is an energy-efficient variable speed wet-rotor circulator. Designed to replace existing fixed speed circulators, with popular flange-to-flange dimensions, the Compass can be considered a universal replacement for all circulators in its capacity range.

Armstrong 4300 Series Split Coupled In Line Pump Catalog:

  • Armstrong 4300 Series Parts List("L",TC/TSC/TCZ), Parts List( "M",TC Motors Only), Parts List ("S", TC ), Parts List(Gaskets), Parts List (Impellers), Performance Curves and Product Videos

Armstrong 4300/4700 Series Seal Change Video

  • Armstrong 4300 Series Warranty  

The Armstrong 4300 Pump includes an outside balanced seal and a silicon carbide seal. One of the main advantages of using one of Armstrong’s vertical in-line pumps is that it’s quiet, unlike some pumps that have a very loud and irritating vibrating sound. Plus, it operates very efficiently. Features include: heavy duty construction, full range of motor sizes and a industry standard motor designed for vertical in-line operation.

IVS Series Sensorless Variable Speed Pump Catalog:

  • Armstrong IVS Parts List (Integrated Controls) and Product Videos
  • Armstrong IVS Series Warranty

This energy-efficient 10 hp pump features variable speed and sensor-less technology. It is available in horizontal and vertical pumps. The overall cost of this pump model is approximately 5 percent of its lifetime cost, making it worth the investment

Armstrong 4302 Series Vertical In-Line Dual Arm Pump Catalog: 

  • 4302 Series Model Numbers

06AA4, 06AB4, 06AD2, 06AF2, 06AG2, 06BA4, 06BB4, 06BC4, 06BF2, 06BG2, 06BH2, 06CB4, 06CC4, 06CD4, 08AB4, 08AC4 08AD4, 08AH2, 08AI2, 08AH2, 08AI2, 08AJ2, 08BC4, 08BD4, 08BF4, 08BJ2, 08BK2, 08BL2, 08DG4, 08DH4, 08DI4, 10AC4, 10AD4, 10AF4, 10AK2, 10AL2, 10AM2, 10BF4 10BG4, 10 BH4, 10BN2 10 BO2 10BP2, 10CN2, 10CO2, 10CP2, 10DH4, 10DI4, 10DJ4, 10DN2, 10DO2, 10DP2, 11AK4, 11AL4, 11AM4

  • Armstrong 4302 Series Parts List (Integrated Controls), Performance Curves and Warranty

One of Armstrong's newest pumps, the DualArm vertical in-line 4302 Series Pump is a combination of Series 4300 and 4380 pumps in to one casing. This pump comes with a swing discharge port that hydraulically divides the casing to avoid recirculation when a single pump is in motion. The isolation valves allow one pump to be isolated for removal or service with the second pump still in motion. Features include: choice of horsepower, bronze fitted, vertical in-line and single or three phase power.

Armstrong 4030 Series Base Mounted Pump Catalog:

  • Armstrong 4030 Series Parts List ("S" Designation), Parts List ("M" Designation), Parts List ("L" Designation), Parts List (Gaskets), Performance Curves and Warranty

Armstrong carries an assortment of mounted pumps that are developed for an array of applications. The 4030 Base Mounted Pump is designed with a self-venting casing in order to help prevent air binding. Plus, it includes sturdy bearings that are lubricated and sealed for long-term use. It has a back pull-out bearing frame that makes it very easy to remove. In addition, it has a self-lubricating mechanical seal in order to avoid liquid seepage. The Armstrong 4030 pump comes in all iron and bronze construction.

Armstrong 4700 Series Vertical Multi-Stage Pump Catalog:

  • 4700 Series Model Numbers

VMS-0302, VMS-0303, VMS-0304, VMS-0305, VMS0306, VMS-0307, VMS-0308, VMS-0309, VMS-0311, VMS-0312, VMS-0313, VMS-0315, VMS-0318

  • Armstrong 4700 Series Parts List, Performance Curves and Product Videos

Armstrong 4300/4700 Series Seal Change Video

  • Armstrong 4700 Series Warranty, Brochure, Submittals and Installation Instructions

The Armstrong 4700 is designed specifically for temperatures between 5F to 250F. This pump is perfect for air conditioning systems, condensate recovery systems and even boiler feed applications. It also operates very quietly, and it's very easy to maintain. This Armstrong pump has stainless steel components, and it can be used with sprinkling and irrigation applications.

We are constantly adding to our inventory of Armstrong Pumps For Sale and our Armstrong Pump Catalog, so check back often. You can rely on Pump Express to deliver these and other best-selling Armstrong products to you at the lowest prices on the internet. Make Pump Express your one-stop shop for Armstrong pumps and parts.