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Pump Express Services Addresses Growing Need for Upgrades in Aging Pump Systems Across NY & NJ

By admin July 27, 2015

Sewage ejector systems that are chronically clogged and HVAC systems that give out in extreme weather are issues that rank high on a list of growing concerns among commercial and industrial facility managers in aging industrial areas of New York and New Jersey. Ed Drejman, who heads Pump Express Services is part of a team that is shifting it’s focus from pump repairs and maintenance to addressing these and other growing job site challenges with innovative pumping equipment characterized by heavy-duty design, high performance and versatility.

“Some systems we’re called in to service are so old, they’ve started to collapse,” says Drejman. “Even pump systems in newer buildings installed in the 1970s and ’80s, are showing signs of wear. Only much-needed upgrades can prevent continuing breakdowns that increase the damage to an aging infrastructure, and in some cases, threaten public health. We are focused on addressing these issues with a staff trained in the installation and operation of a new generation of pumps suited to current demands.”

The improper disposal of synthetic wipes, gloves, swabs and other sanitary products has led to a rise in the clogging of commercial and industrial sewage disposal systems. Drejman and his team respond to chronically clogged systems with a variety of commercial-grade grinder pumps, including Liberty Omnivore Grinder Pumps and BJM Shredder Pumps, which provide maximum efficiency and shredding power in a compact, easy-to-install, unit.

“Commercial property managers are constantly looking for solutions to chronic clogging in their restrooms,” says Drejman. “My suggestion is usually to replace the existing sewage ejector pump with a BJM Shredder Pump. Maintaining the old pump will generally cost more than replacing it with a BJM Shredder Pump specifically designed to shear down tough synthetic debris. Two of our trained technicians can usually upgrade a mid-sized system within a day or two, often with no downtime to the system.”

The same economic shifts that led business owners to neglect aging buildings and focus on bottom line growth are now leading company heads to seek out maintenance solutions that are long-lasting and versatile. Trained service staff are installing increasing numbers of pumps that combine quality construction with design efficiency, such as the Armstrong’s Astro 2 Series 3-Speed Wet Rotor Circulator Pump which provides unmatched performance over a wide range of head and flow requirements and can accommodate a fluctuating number of zones.

“Armstrong’s Astro 2 Series Wet Rotor Circulator Pumps move liquids through closed hydronic and solar heating systems efficiently and with minimal maintenance, allowing users to match a wide range of application requirements,” says Drejman. “And once installed, these units will grow with a home or business because they can be adjusted to accommodate an increased number of zones. That’s an added value more and more of our clients appreciate.”

Aging infrastructure and rising energy costs are leading growing numbers of Metro-area building managers to address annual spikes in cooling system demands by adding Variable Frequency Drives(VFDs) to their HVAC pump systems. Standard motors start abruptly with a high starting torque and current surges up to 10 times the normal running current, resulting in wear and tear on the system and intense energy demands. Variable speed drives gradually ramp the motor up to operating speed and thereby conserve energy, lessen mechanical stress, reduce repair costs and extend equipment life.

“Everybody from homeowners to corporations are looking to save money,” says Drejman. “Our techs are getting a lot of inquiries about VFD’s and other energy efficient equipment which pays for itself in savings within a few years.”

New Jersey’s SmartStart Buildings program, established in 2009 to provide financial incentives for using energy efficient heating and cooling equipment, provides an added incentive for maintenance managers across New Jersey to install VFDs and other energy saving equipment in their buildings.

“It’s better to be safe than sorry with an aging system,” says Ed Drejman. “We’re making it our business to provide the trained techs and high performance equipment that are needed to meet the changing needs of Tristate area building owners and facilities managers. The cost of fixing New York and New Jersey’s ailing systems pales in comparison to the cost of doing nothing.”

Pump Express Services is an authorized maintenance and repair center for pumping equipment by Armstrong, Bell & Gossett, Taco, Meyers and other leading manufacturers.  Call Toll Free: (800) 620-7331. Visit:

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