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Spring Time is the Best Time to Invest in a Fountain Pump

By admin March 19, 2021

A fountain pump is a centrifugal pump. It moves water with the help of pressure obtained from centrifugal action. The centrifugal force emerges by the action of the movement of the impeller. Some of the best fountain pumps currently in demand are Barnes Fountain Pump and Zoeller Fountain Pump.

The fountain pumps supply water flow to fountains. They apply for aesthetic purposes and aeration in commercial, residential, and industrial applications. They are configured for indoor and outdoor use.

There are two types of fountain pumps based on application. They can be either industrial or commercial. Commercial fountain pumps find their use mainly in decorative applications. There have a variety of indoor and outdoor configurations. Tabletop or garden fountains are mostly decorative. While indoor fountain pumps have low flow rates, the outdoor pumps substantially more water.

Features and benefits of Zoeller Fountain Pump/ Barnes Fountain Pumps

The Zoeller fountain pumps can raise the water fountain to a height of 5 m. It is easy to install. The assembled pumps come in the water-lily pattern.  It can operate in 1.5 m of water or more continuously.

The Zoeller fountain pump is equipped with a 6" (15 cm) circulatory screen to support it draw water from below the surface. It is designed to add to motor life. It has a 100' (30 m) electrical cable that connects to a 120 V outlet. Its flotation system has UV-resistant polyethylene float. There are eye bolts for anchoring.

The Zoeller fountain pump adds unique value to your home. These pumps are designed to eliminate stagnant water and reduce algae build-up. It helps reduce mosquitoes. The water-cooled motor minimizes pond contamination and pollution risk. Some applications include golf courses and waterscapes. This pump comes with a 1-year limited warranty.

The Barnes Fountain Pump is a submersible fountain pump. These pumps come in wide-ranging pumping capacities and designs – vertical and horizontal. The energy-efficient motors in these pumps ensure continuous duty operation. Their application includes both indoor and outdoor such as pond aeration, waterscapes, and decorative water displays.

Zoeller 370-0002

This model of Zoeller Fountain Pumps produces 15 feet (4.57 meters) high water fountain. Their applications are in golf courses, pond aeration, and waterscapes. They are easy to install, while the water lily pattern is preinstalled in them. It can operate in 1.5 m of water or more. The aeration capacity of this pump is 4,900 gallons (22,276 L) of water per hour. Its capacity is evident with its continuous duty operation.

Barnes 109972 Model SF411

The Barnes Fountain pumps under this model pump effluent or wastewater. It is specially designed to pump non-explosive and non-corrosive liquids that feature decorative water displays. Its squirrel caged induction motor is oil-filled and torque curved. Its applications include dramatic and decorative water displays.

There are several other features, in it such as female, vertical discharge of 2” NPT. Several essential parts in it, such as seal plate, impeller, motor housing, and volute, are of cast iron. The impeller of this pump comes with an open 2 vane design and pump-out vanes on the backside. The other features include 300 series stainless steel hardware, Buna-N square rings, and a 400 series stainless steel shaft.

Its single mechanical seal design comes with an oil-filled reservoir is made of carbon/ceramic/Buna-N. This pump has oil-lubricated upper and lower ball bearings. Its motor type is a permanent split capacitor, and the motor includes thermal overload protection.  A 15 feet quick disconnect cord comes with the pump. The disconnect cord includes a plug, pressure grommet for sealing, and strain relief.

Barnes 087781 Model SFU31

The Barnes Fountain Pumps under the Barnes Model SFU31 submersible fountain pump come with a special design feature to display decorative waterworks. Its specifications include the HP of 1/3 and RPM of 3450. It operates at 60 Hz, while its Volt/PH is 115/1.

Barnes Fountain Pumps are UL listed and recognized as the market leader in decorative water applications. The construction is entirely bronze and stainless steel. Depending on the models, they are available in 1/3 to 1 HP units. The units are available in single-phase and 115 V as well as 230 V.

The Models available include SFU, SF, 3SF-HD, 3SF-L. They can flow to 120 g.p.m and head to 55 feet (16.76 m). The SFU model discharge is through the 1.75-inch hose.

Zoeller and Barnes company overview

Zoeller is a well-known, tried, and tested company known for its tough and durable products. It is among the oldest family-based manufacturing company in the U.S. The company makes controls, systems, and submersible pumps for moving and treating water.

Barnes Pumps, known for durability and reliability, has been in operation since 1895, when the company was founded. Homeowners, plumbing contractors, and engineers continue to depend on Barnes pumps for their quality.

Pump Products

Pumps Products is a well-known company as the nation’s foremost supplier of pumps and parts. This company sources and distributes the highest quality pumps, controls, and parts at the lowest prices. The company houses a stock of all major brands.

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