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Why You Should Invest in a Reliable Sewage Pump This Year

By admin February 16, 2021

Pro Series sewage pumps and Little Giant Sewage Pumps are some of the biggest names in the industry. But before we get into their products, we need to understand what exactly is a sewage pump and why investing in one is a good idea.

A sewage pump is used for transporting sewage and any untreated wastewater. While they’re mainly used in plants that treat municipal wastewater, they’re also useful for buildings as well as private homes that don’t connect to the municipal sewer because of the terrain’s natural slope.

Investing in a high-quality sewage pump is beneficial for a number of reasons:

  • There will be an even flow in the right direction from the sewer line to the main tank. This means that the waste material will go where it needs to.
  • Quick movement of waste prevents any build-up from occurring.
  • A reliable pump will speed up the process of waste removal, making it a more efficient process.
  • If you’ve got a cellar or basement with a bathroom, a reliable sewage pump can direct waste materials upwards into your septic tank.

Pro Series sewage pumps and Little Giant Sewage Pumps are some reliable options you should consider. Here’s what you need to know about them.

Pro Series E7040 Series

Pro Series sewage pumps can handle sewage of 2” diameter solids and have a 2” discharge. It is constructed using cast iron and stainless steel, making it a durable option. Energy efficiency is increased due to its permanent split capacitor. It is equipped with a dynamically balanced cast iron impeller. It has sealed ball bearings in the upper and lower sections. It comes with a 3-year warranty. It is available in a no switch, pump alone model, a 4/10 HP pump model with vertical switches, as well as a 4/10 HP pump model that has tether switches.

Features and benefits of PHCC Pro-Series E7055-NS

The Pro Series E7055-NS sewage pump measures 9" in width, 5-7/8" in-depth, and 16-1/2" in height. There is an electroplated steel shaft, and it is made using cast iron, which makes it durable. It has a cast iron impeller and stainless-steel fasteners. It has 1/2 motor HP. It weighs 37 lbs and is capable of handling 2" solids via a 2" discharge. It is rated for continuous duty, making it a long-lasting option.

Features and benefits of PHCC Pro-Series E7040-NS

This Pro Series E7040-NS sewage pump comes with a 10-foot power cord. It has permanently lubricated ball bearings in the upper and lower sections. It is capable of handling 2” solids and has a 2” discharge. It has dual carbon and ceramic shaft seals along with a Buna N seal. No cooling oil is needed as it comes equipped with a water-cooled motor. Its motor has a permanent split capacitor, which makes it an energy-efficient sewage pump from Pro Series.

Little Giant WS Series Sewage Pumps

Little Giant Sewage Pumps can find applications for residential, agricultural, light industrial, as well as commercial purposes. These submersible pumps are compact and can handle raw sewage well. Automatic reset is possible in the single-phase thanks to the oil- filled motor that has a double ball bearing capacitor. They have switch options to enable them to operate automatically. Their cast iron construction allows for continuous usage. They’re also energy efficient pumps that have a liquid temperature rating of 120 °F.

Features and benefits of Little Giant 620013

The Little Giant 620013 Model WS52M, WS Series, sewage pump is dependable when it comes to tough, demanding tasks. It has a 1/2 HP motor that offers protection from overload. It is equipped with a 416 stainless steel motor shaft. It can be efficiently applied to dewatering, sewage and wastewater handling, and effluent waste management. It features an automatic reset and is meant for high torque. It is capable of handling 2" solids.

Features and benefits of Little Giant 620259

The Little Giant 620259, Model WS102HAM-12, WS Series sewage pump has a 1 HP motor with 2” NPT vertical discharge. It comes with a piggyback mechanical float. It comes with a 3-year warranty. It has a cast iron motor that is durable and dependable. The automatic reset feature makes handling easy. It is suitable for carrying out tough tasks and continuous duty. It comes with overload protection. Raw sewage can be handled well with this.

If you’re going to invest in a sewage pump, it might as well be a good one. The above Pro Series sewage pumps and Little Giant Sewage Pumps are great options for you.

Pro Series

Pro Series offers a range of products such as sewage pump switches and controllers, standby batteries, sump pumps, specialty pumps, backup pumps, water alarm and accessories, as well as combination pumps.

Little Giant

In the water transfer market, Little Giant is a specialist. Their product range includes low- pressure sewer systems, water garden pumps, wastewater, effluent, condensate, sump, sewage, magnetic drive, dewatering, and utility pumps.

Pump Products

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