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Well Pumps You Can Rely On

By admin January 11, 2021

Many of us don’t know how our water reaches us. But well pumps like Zoeller well pumps have a huge role to play in this process. A well pump is a jet pump that is used to pump out water from wells and the underground water table.

Depending on how deep the well is, a different type of well pump is used. Typically, shorter wells, i.e., under 25ft, can be easily pumped using a suction-based well pump. The pump s placed above the well and is connected to an electric motor that powers a centrifugal pumping process. The atmospheric pressure generated due to the motor pulls up the water into the jet, leading to the discharge station in the building.

For deeper wells that go much deeper than 25ft, a submersible jet pump is used to help pump the water out. The pump is placed about 10-20ft deep in the well, with a pipe connecting the pump to an impeller outside the well. This pump follows the same principle of suction pumping as a shallow well pump. But in addition to this, the submersible pump uses the impeller to increase the pressure flowing water, to ensure the water quickly reaches the surface.

Which are the best well pumps that you can rely on?

When it comes to well pumps, there are two types to consider. Those pumps can satisfy residential needs and commercial water pumping needs. For this, there are only two lines of products that you need to consider:

  • The Sta-Rite CJ series
  • The Zoeller Convertible Jet Pump series

Let’s look at these two lines of jet pumps in detail, with special emphasis on their best pumps.

Sta-Rite CJ series

The Sta-Rite ClearJet Shallow Well Jet Pump series of jet pumps have been designed for wells up to 25ft deep. They are powerful, corrosion-resistant, stainless steel pumps that come with a1 year warranty. This line of Sta-Rite Jet Well Pumps is perfect for residential properties, cottages, and small farmlands.

The best Sta-Rite Jet Well Pumps to consider are the Sta-Rite CJ90E and Sta-Rite CJ90F.

Features and benefits of Sta-Rite CJ90E

  • This self-priming shallow well jet pump is perfect for wells below 25ft.
  • It is a 1 HP pump, running on 115/230 volts, with the suction of 1-1/4" NPT and a discharge of 1" NPT. Its max capacity is 18GPM, with a shut-off pressure of 64PSI.
  • The pump and one-piece threaded motor shaft are constructed using super-quality carbon-ceramics and stainless steel and have thermoplastic components that prevent rusting.
  • The motor is made using insulating materials, which protect it from moisture and ensure longer pump-life. Even the ball bearings are permanently lubricated to limit any friction during operation.
  • The diecast rotor is made boats of a superior design that enables water to be pumped efficiently and effortlessly.
  • To protect electrical pump components, the CJ90e Sta-Rite Jet Well Pump comes with a dustproof canopy that prevents any dust from accumulating and causing a safety hazard.

Features and benefits of Sta-Rite CJ90F

  • Another classic Sta-Rite CJ model, the CJ90F Jet Well Pump, boasts of a polished 304 stainless steel and carbon-ceramic body. This makes it look chic.
  • The high-quality and superior-strength thermoplastic components make the pump strong. The insulated one-piece threaded motor shaft & windings and heavy-duty, shielded ball bearings work together to ensure the Sta-Rite CJ90F model doesn’t experience any moisture. These also prevent corrosion in the long run.
  • The diecast rotor and Noryl impeller offer dynamic and reliable performance. A specially-designed dustproof canopy not only keeps pollutants and dirt out of your well pump but prevents contamination of your components as well.
  • The CJ90F Jet Well Pump is a 1-phase, 1-1/2 HP, 115/230 volts well pump of self-priming design.
  • It has a suction of 1-1/4" NPT and discharge of 1" NPT. Maximum capacity is 18GPM, and maximum TDH is 195ft.
  • This well pump has a pressure switch setting of 40-60PSI and shut-off pressure at 80PSI.

Zoeller Convertible Jet Pump series

Zoeller Well Pumps are a top-quality jet pump, designed for both shallow well and deep well applications, up to 70ft deep. All Zoeller Well Pumps are capable of pumping up to 11 gallons/-minute. All Zoeller jet pumps have the option of a two-year warranty.

The best Zoeller Well Pumps to consider are the Zoeller 462-0006 and Zoeller 463-0006.

Features and benefits of Zoeller 462-0006

  • The 462-0006 Zoeller Convertible Jet Pump is designed for deep well applications up to 70ft.
  • This 1-phase pump is made of a hardy cast iron construction and comes with a powerful jet pump with a 56-frame NEMA J motor. The Ejector must be purchased separately.
  • The pump operates on 1/2 HP at 115/230 volts and has a discharge pressure of 20-40PSI. There’s a built-in pressure switch to control this pressure.
  • The 462-0006 Zoeller Convertible Jet Pump has a special thermal overload feature that safeguards your pump from overheating and damage.
  • The pump comes with a specially-built watertight seal that prevents deepwater contamination with surface water during pumping.

Features and benefits of Zoeller 463-0006


  • This Zoeller Convertible Jet Pump is perfect to be used in residential buildings, commercial facilities, farms, and industrial facilities with moderate-to-heavy pump requirements. The Zoeller 463-0006 pump is capable of being used for deep wells up to 70ft.
  • This is a 1-phase motor made of a superior cast iron construction that is coated to prevent corrosion and rusting. It works on a 1HP 56 frame adaptable NEMA J motor on 115/230 volts of power. The NEMA J motor is easily-serviceable.
  • The 463-0006 Zoeller Convertible Jet Pump has a ceramic mechanical shaft seal to prevent pure deep water from mixing with surface contaminants. The pump’s various electrical and non-electrical components are protected from overheating through a thermal overload feature.
  • There is a facility of attaching a removable ejector (ejector not included with the pump). This pump supports a pressure of 20-40PSI and has a suction of 1-1/4” NPT and a discharge of ¾” NPT.
  • A 2-year limited warranty can be added to the pump.

About Sta-rite

Sta-rite is a subsidiary of Pentair, a leading provider of smart and sustainable water management solutions. The company has a wide range of water filters, heaters, well pumps, water flow solutions, and water quality accessories.

About Zoeller

The Zoeller Company has been one of the premier water management experts in the United States. It is a legacy brand that is the number one submersible pump provider choice for residential and commercial building owners alike.

About PumpProducts

PumpProducts is a reputed online marketplace for all residential and commercial submersible pump needs. PumpProducts houses products from multiple award-winning manufacturers and water management experts. PumpProducts is renowned for its quality construction, low prices, and quick delivery.

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