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PUMP EXPRESS Journeys to Ellis Island to Overhaul Antiquated Sewage Ejector System

By admin March 30, 2015

Ellis Island is one of America’s most popular historic sites, visited by 100,000 people last year. Most arrive by boat just as their ancestors did 100 years ago. But for those with the right credentials the island is accessible by motor vehicle.

Pump Express Services techs currently drive across the small bridge that connects the island to Liberty State Park daily as they work to replace the antiquated Weil sewage ejector pump system that has served the island for the last 30 years. They are replacing the old system with a pair of 900-pound BJM shedder pumps.

Elllis Island was closed to visitors last November after being hit by Hurricane Sandy but according to Pump Express Sales manager Fred Hettinger, the island’s sewage ejector system was in need of an overhaul long before that.

“We were called there four times over the last two years in response to high water alarms, clogging and ultimately a failed pump. They had a two pump system and when one pump failed they let the system run on the other. Then two months ago that pump failed and they had nothing.”

Left with only minimal sewage disposal, and faced with a grand reopening to the public targeted for July 4th, the island’s maintenance engineers reached out to Pump Express Services.

“We submitted a proposal to replace the old pump system with a pair of 15 hp BJM shredders. The job would include replacing two 20-foot sections of steel pipe, along with discharge and base elbows, installing a new, more efficient rail system and resurfacing the base of the sewage pit. Last week we started the job.”

The new BJM shredder pump system will eliminate the chronic clogging issues that were hampering the old sewage ejector system. The new discharge and base elbows will reinforce two major weak spots and the new rail system will halve the time and labor required for servicing.

“The old rail system required four techs and an entire day to service a clog. A man had to physically descend into the 30-foot pit to detach and later reattach the pump. The new system we’re installing will take two techs about four hours to service. That’s half the manpower in half the time. This is a service we offer in connection with this type of system and can retrofit to any pump system to ease future maintenance.”

There’s still no electricity on the island and all power is generated so it’s not an ideal work site but the new, improved system, which will service the entire island including at least three administrative/exhibition buildings, is on track for completion within two weeks, well in advance of the scheduled July 4th reopening to the public.

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