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PUMP EXPRESS SERVICES CASE HISTORY: Switching Out Sewage Pumps for Shredders In a New Jersey Apartment Complex

By admin April 23, 2013

The Job Site: A four-building apartment complex in Hackensack, N.J., with a 10 year old Goulds duplex sewage ejector system that is constantly clogging with synthetic debris.

The Problem: Removing the pumps to service them. The sewage pit the pumps operate in is 30 feet deep and located outside the building right next to a main road. Pump Express Service techs require 4-6 hours to remove, clear and replace the old pumps each time they service them. They have been called back five times in the last six months

The Solution: The building’s managers have decided that maintaining the old pumps will cost more than replacing them with a pair of BJM shredder pumps specifically designed to shear down tough synthetic debris of the kind that is currently hobbling the system.

Pump Express Service has been contracted to replace the two 5 horsepower sewage pumps currently in place with a pair of 7.5 hp BJM shredder pumps.


Click on the Video to See BJM’s Shredder Pump in Action

The job will be completed in less than a week. Building tenants will experience no disruption in service. The entire system will pay for itself in a year and a half.

Problem solved.

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